Latest Decision making Stories

2011-10-31 10:38:24

What drives addicts to repeatedly choose drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, overeating, gambling or kleptomania, despite the risks involved?

2011-10-20 14:09:53

Could a passing mood influence your financial portfolio for decades to come?

2011-09-21 19:30:25

When making decisions based on multiple, interdependent factors, we choose based on how these factors correlate with each other, and not based on an ad hoc rule of thumb or through trial and error as was previously thought.

2011-09-15 11:45:41

Although still a young field, research in "decision neuroscience" has exploded in the last decade, with scientists beginning to decipher what exactly is happening in our brains when we are making choices, whether big or small.

2011-08-23 21:16:22

We make decisions all our lives—so you'd think we'd get better and better at it.

2011-06-06 20:11:32

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even little kids picking strawberries do it.

2011-05-18 13:36:35

Neuroeconomic research at the University of Pennsylvania has conclusively identified a part of the brain that is necessary for making everyday decisions about value.

2011-05-17 12:08:00

MILWAUKEE, May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Insight Information Group today announced that it is uniting its nine companies under its new global brand and identity.

2011-05-16 19:29:46

Surrogate decision-makers faced with the difficult task of overseeing loved ones' medical care may find help thanks to a new decision aid aimed at patients with prolonged mechanical ventilation.

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