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Sleeping After Learning Reportedly Enhances Recall
2012-03-25 05:08:46

New research from experts at the University of Notre Dame has discovered that going to sleep soon after learning new information is the best way for an individual to recall what he or she had just learned. According to Asian News International (ANI) reports, Notre Dame psychologist Jessica Payne and her colleagues analyzed a total of 207 students who regularly slept for a minimum of six hours each night. Each participant was randomly assigned to study declarative, semantically related,...

2011-05-16 20:46:15

    * Binge drinking by young adults is prevalent in the United States and increasing in Europe.    * The brain's hippocampus is particularly sensitive to alcohol's neurotoxicity.    * New findings show a clear link between binge drinking and a reduced ability to learn new verbal information. Binge drinking is prevalent among university students, especially in the United States. One brain structure particularly sensitive to alcohol's neurotoxicity...

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