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2006-03-03 22:35:00

TOKYO (Reuters) - More than half of Japanese women born in the early 1970s were still childless at 30, intensifying fears about the nation's already low birthrate, Japanese media said on Saturday. The baby shortage, which has contributed to a decline in the overall population that began last year, is now an urgent problem for policy makers, who fear a smaller workforce supporting a growing number of elderly will hurt the world's number two economy. According to Health Ministry figures...

2006-02-24 01:29:33

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's rapidly growing elderly population could surge as high as 430 million by 2051, when almost one in three citizens will be 60 or over, posing a grave challenge for already strained state social welfare and pension systems, Xinhua news agency said on Friday. The aging population was now growing by 3 million a year from the current 143 million, it said. "China is facing surging demand from the elderly population in terms of social welfare and medical...

2005-12-08 10:50:00

By Oliver Bullough MOSCOW -- Russians must ease back on the bottle, cut down on smoking, watch their diet and lead healthier lives if they are to reverse population decline and maintain economic growth, the World Bank said on Thursday. In a report, the Bank said the population crisis in Russia -- which is losing around 750,000 people a year -- was affecting every aspect of national life and could negate improvements in living standards. "Russia cannot compete economically with the other G8...

2005-10-19 07:15:37

By Oliver Bullough POLUKARPOVO, Russia (Reuters) - On Moscow's crowded streets you would never sense Russia had a population crisis. But go to Polukarpovo -- or thousands of villages like it -- and the emptiness hits you. As the mobile shop made its twice-weekly visit, the village's inhabitants gathered -- three pensioners, a young woman and two boys -- on a dirt track lined with boarded-up log cabins. The faint calls of a giant V of geese flying south high overhead and the rustle...

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