Latest Demographics of the People's Republic of China Stories

2012-02-29 14:14:11

The number of people living in China's cities, which last year for the first time surpassed 50 percent of the national population, is considered a boon for the consumer goods market. That is based on the assumption that there will be more families with more disposable income when poor farmers from China's countryside move to cities and become middle-class industrial and office workers. But the assumption overlooks a policy from the era of Chinese leader Mao Zedong that restricts the upward...

2011-02-28 11:15:00

China said on Monday that its population increased by 6.3 million last year to hit 1.341 billion people by the end of 2010. This is roughly equal to the population of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Although an early estimate, final counts will be published in April when the Chinese government finishes tabulating data from the nation's first full census in a decade, AFP reports. China claims its "one-child" policy, introduced to curb China's population growth rate, limiting most families in towns...

2010-01-12 18:44:59

Unintentional suffocation of infants twice as common in rural areas The death rate from injuries in rural areas of China is higher than in urban areas, according to a new study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Injury Research and Policy. Rural males of all ages were 47 percent more likely to die from injuries than urban males, and the overall rate in rural females was 33 percent higher than in urban females. For babies under one year of age,...

2006-02-24 01:29:33

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's rapidly growing elderly population could surge as high as 430 million by 2051, when almost one in three citizens will be 60 or over, posing a grave challenge for already strained state social welfare and pension systems, Xinhua news agency said on Friday. The aging population was now growing by 3 million a year from the current 143 million, it said. "China is facing surging demand from the elderly population in terms of social welfare and medical...

2005-12-25 23:00:17

BEIJING (Reuters) - A new Chinese law calls for prison terms of up to three years and fines for doctors and other health workers who assist in telling the gender of unborn babies, leading to abortions, state media said on Monday. The legal amendment would give new teeth to a government campaign to outlaw the selective abortion of female foetuses and correct an imbalance in the ratio of boys to girls that has grown since China's one-child policy was introduced more than 20 years ago....

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