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2005-11-09 00:35:00

Voters on Tuesday ousted a Pennsylvania local school board that promoted an "intelligent-design" alternative to teaching evolution, and elected a new slate of candidates who promised to remove the concept from science classes.

2005-11-09 00:35:00

Revisiting a topic that exposed Kansas to nationwide ridicule six years ago, the state Board of Education approved science standards for public schools Tuesday that cast doubt on the theory of evolution. The 6-4 vote was a victory for intelligent design advocates who helped draft the standards.

2005-11-08 17:52:22

By Carey Gillam TOPEKA, Kansas (Reuters) - Kansas on Tuesday became the latest U.S. state to introduce criticism of evolution into teaching standards, a move that critics charge was driven by religious zealotry.

2005-11-04 19:25:00

One attorney accused a witness of lying on Friday during closing arguments in the trial over whether U.S. public schools should teach the theory of intelligent design.

2005-11-03 16:17:30

By Carey Gillam LAWRENCE, Kansas (Reuters) - At the new "Explore Evolution" museum exhibit in Kansas, visitors pass a banner showing the face of a girl next to the face of a chimpanzee for a lesson on how the two are "cousins in life's family tree." They can also study DNA under a 4-foot-tall double helix model, peruse fossil record research, and examine how advancements in treating modern-day diseases require an understanding of the evolution of cell structures.

2005-11-02 07:12:45

A battle over a policy requiring that ninth-graders in this rural community learn about "intelligent design" in biology class is being fought on two fronts - one political, one legal.

2005-11-01 13:28:28

By Evelyn Leopold UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The 191-member U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday established January 27 as an annual commemoration day for the 6 million Jews and countless other victims murdered in the Nazi Holocaust during World War Two.

2005-10-31 21:32:12

By Evelyn Leopold UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Israel introduced a watershed resolution in the U.N. General Assembly on Monday that designates January 27 as an annual commemoration day for the 6 million Jews and other victims murdered in the Nazi Holocaust during World War Two.

2005-10-28 18:19:22

Two national groups say the state can't use their copyrighted material in proposed science standards that critics contend promote creationism.

2005-10-28 08:54:16

By Alan Elsner WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bitter debate about how to teach evolution in U.S. high schools is prompting a crisis of confidence among scientists, and some senior academics warn that science itself is under assault.

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