Latest Depictions of Muhammad in film Stories

2008-11-01 15:00:12

Hollywood producer Oscar Zoghbi says he is working on a new movie about the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The BBC quoted Zoghbi as saying he will start shooting "The Messenger of Peace" soon and, in keeping with Muslim tradition, will not allow the faces and voices of the prophet and his companions to be seen or heard on screen. Zoghbi said his movie is a remake of the 1977 feature "The Message," which starred Anthony Quinn as Muhammad's uncle. The producer said his team had "only...

2008-09-17 15:00:23

An Italian comedian, who made a joke about the Pope, faces five years in prison; a journalist is looking at 15 years imprisonment in Thailand for the serious crime of defaming the monarchy; and who would dare say a word about the Prophet Muhammad without Muslims jumping up and down and threatening to kill in response. No-one is beyond criticism, satire or irreverence, and no-one has the right to not be offended. MARC FIBBENS Halswell (c) 2008 Press, The; Christchurch, New Zealand....

2008-07-13 03:00:18

The famous Egyptian actor Mahmoud Yasin asked director Muhammad Yasin not to have the famous Egyptian artist Rubi appear in any nude scenes in the film "Al Waed" (The Promise). Mahmoud is afraid that any outrageous scenes in the film, in which he has the leading role, might damage his image and tarnish his name. Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz had the same concerns about an earlier film. Rubi denied the allegations. "Al Waed" was written by Wahid Hamed and was filmed in Morocco....

2005-11-11 02:50:04

DUBAI (Reuters) - Hollywood Arab film director Moustapha Akkad has died in hospital from wounds sustained in the hotel bomb attacks in Jordan this week, Arab television stations said on Friday. The Syrian-born Akkad had been staying in one of three luxury hotels hit by suicide bombers in Amman on Wednesday, killing at least 56 people, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya said. Akkad was executive producer of the famed "Halloween" horror films and directed an English-language movie about the...

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