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2013-08-02 23:18:24

In a study published in the journal Andrology in March, 2013 researchers wrote that “The main finding of our study was that HSV infections were associated with risk of ED.

2013-08-01 23:29:57

The relationship between grief and depression following bereavement has generated much debate in the psychological community and public media.

2013-07-29 16:20:06

Although electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has long been considered the most effective treatment of medication-resistant or refractory depression, millions of people who might benefit don't take advantage of it because of the treatment's side effects and public misperception of the procedure.

2013-07-26 23:23:04

Research suggests that there can be a link between balance problems and anxiety and depression conditions, and that rehabilitation of the balance system can help. Dr.

2013-07-24 23:29:28

According to Douglas Baum, L.C.S.W., depression can be treated with psychotherapy or medication or both, but only 40% of people are helped by initial treatment, whether drugs or talk therapy.

2013-07-22 23:22:45

d’Oliveira & Associates has been investigating Zoloft side effects and has posted up to date information about the drug on its website.

Biochemical Map Depression
2013-07-19 08:46:19

A new type of science called pharmacometabolomics was used in a study of depression to measure and map chemicals in the blood, determine mechanisms causing the disease and find new treatments tailored to a patient's metabolic profile.

2013-07-18 11:21:54

Poor sleep quality and quantity during pregnancy can disrupt normal immune processes and lead to lower birth weights and other complications.

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