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2011-01-06 06:10:00

An imported shipment of rice was intercepted at Los Angeles International Airport that contained one of the world's most destructive grain and seed pests, US Customs officials said Wednesday. US Customs and Border Protection said the so-called Khapra beetle was discovered last week in a shipment of Indian rice arriving from Saudi Arabia. The shipment was quarantined and destroyed. Entomologists from the Department of Agriculture identified the pests as Khapra beetles, which are among the...

2007-02-08 03:00:27

By Dwight Barnett Q: I have a problem with our shower. I do not see mildew or mold, but every two weeks or so, if I don't spray the shower with bleach, I find small, slender worms of some sort. Where are they coming from? A: The worms are most likely the larvae of a common house gnat, or they could be carpet beetle larvae that have wandered from the beaten path. The gnat's larvae like to hang out in drains or in really wet soils of houseplants and, of course, carpet beetles like carpet....

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2005-07-14 11:25:44

The Phalacridae are a family of beetles commonly called the shining flower beetles. They are often found in composite flowers and are oval-shaped, usually tan, and about 2 mm in length.

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