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2008-07-20 12:00:30

By Misha Berson, Seattle Times Jul. 20--ASHLAND, Ore. -- A distraught Othello murders his innocent wife, Desdemona. The Roman general Coriolanus goes over to the enemy army. Emily Webb, who perished young, yearns for the living from her Grover's Corners grave. All this, and much more, is transpiring on the boards at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) this summer. Meanwhile, those who run this major West Coast theater worry a lot about what's happening at the gas pump, along with...

2008-07-11 18:00:23

By Lisa Millegan, The Modesto Bee, Calif. Jul. 11--"Othello," Shakespeare's tale of destructive jealousy, only tells part of the story -- if you ask Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel, anyway. Vogel ("How I Learned to Drive,""The Baltimore Waltz") offers a feminist view with "Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief." In this version, which will be staged by Prospect Theater Project in Modesto, Othello's wife Desdemona really is unfaithful and has befriended Bianca, a popular prostitute in...

2008-07-08 15:00:34

By Barry Gaines For the Journal I returned from my summer travels just in time to join a capacity opening-night audience for "Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)" at the Vortex. This rollicking play by Canadian Ann-Marie MacDonald operates on several levels, all of them entertaining. Before we hear a line of dialogue, we see mousey academic Constance Ledbelly at work at her cluttered desk while Othello smothers his innocent wife Desdemona and Juliet, finding her beloved Romeo dead,...

2008-06-27 12:02:43

By Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star, Mo. Jun. 27--It's always refreshing to encounter a piece of audacious theater that actually works. Paula Vogel's "Desdemona, a Play About a Handkerchief" is plenty audacious but director John Rensenhouse and three talented actresses ratchet up the audacity quotient significantly in the first production of the summer from Actors Theatre KC. Vogel's piece is basically a feminist response to Shakespeare's tragedy. She speculates on the kind of...

2008-06-24 02:29:54

By Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star, Mo. Jun. 22--John Rensenhouse wants audiences to see acting at its best -- unencumbered and pure. To prove the point, Rensenhouse is directing a no-frills production of "Desdemona, a Play About a Handkerchief," the first show this summer from Actors Theatre KC. Paula Vogel's feminist response to "Othello" is a three-character study of the different ways women seek at least minimal power in a restrictive, male-dominated culture. Desdemona...

2008-06-23 06:00:18

By The Kansas City Star, Mo. Jun. 23--I might as well just say it: You owe it to yourself to get down to Southmoreland Park to see the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival production of "Othello." And there's one overriding reason: Damon Gupton's extraordinary performance in the title role. Shakespeare's tale of jealousy, passion and treachery receives a solid production with good actors, sumptuous costumes and an interesting use of music. But Gupton's electrifying embodiment of the...

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2004-10-19 04:45:41

Uranus' moon Desdemona -- Desdemona is a moon of Uranus. It is named after the wife of Othello in William Shakespeare's play Othello. Other than its size and orbit, virtually nothing is known about it. ----- Discovery Discovered by Voyager 2 Discovered in 1992 Orbital characteristics Mean radius 62659 km Eccentricity 0.00023 Orbital period 0.47365d Inclination 0.16 Physical characteristics Equatorial diameter ~64 km Surface area km2 Mass 1.781017 kg...

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