Latest Desert RATS Stories

2011-08-03 08:49:39

NASA is once again taking human space exploration to the Arizona desert in tests to simulate conditions on other worlds. News media representatives are invited to two opportunities to learn more about the upcoming Desert Research and Technology Studies (Desert RATS) field tests. On Thursday, Aug. 4, journalists can visit NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston from 2:30 to 4 p.m. CDT for the Desert RATS team's final dry run before next month's mission. On Sept. 12, reporters at Black Point...

2010-09-03 09:13:06

To see what life might be like on a distant planet, reporters need only travel to the Arizona desert. NASA's Research and Technology Studies, or Desert RATS, will make its 13th trip to the desert this fall to test rovers, habitats and robots that could be used in future exploration missions. A media day for the tests will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 15, to allow reporters to observe the activities. Interested news media should contact Brandi Dean at 281-483-5111 by Thursday, Sept. 9. Access...

2010-08-12 19:12:03

Science experiments don't always involve bubbling beakers and people dressed in lab coats and goggles. In the case of NASA's Desert RATS project, an experiment can look like a plastic box bolted to a backpack frame and be carried around the Arizona desert for a month.Inside the plastic box is a host of off-the-shelf electronics capable of telling the backpacker where he is, letting him talk to distant colleagues and beaming pictures of notable objects to geologists and other scientists."The...

2010-08-06 17:02:00

HOUSTON, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Area reporters are invited to experience life on an extraterrestrial surface, without leaving their own hometown. The engineers, scientists and technicians who travel annually to Arizona for a simulated exploration mission as part of the Desert RATS - or Research and Technology Studies - tests are preparing for the September field tests by putting on a practice run in the Johnson Space Center Planetary Analog Test Site - also known as the rock...

2010-07-28 07:05:00

NASA is inviting the public to choose an area in northern Arizona where explorers will conduct part of the annual Desert Research and Technology Studies, known as Desert RATS. "Desert RATS is an annual test where NASA takes equipment and crews into the field to simulate future planetary exploration missions," said Joe Kosmo, Desert RATS manager at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. "We want the public to be a part of this." From July 27 through Aug. 8, space enthusiasts can vote where to...

2009-09-16 05:10:03

NASA has concluded two weeks of technology development tests on two of the agency's prototype lunar rovers. The Desert RATS -- or Research and Technology Studies -- in the Arizona desert at Black Point Lava Flow allow NASA to analyze and refine technologies and procedures in extreme environments on Earth. "These tests provide us with crucial information about how our cutting edge vehicles perform in field situations approximating the moon," said Rob Ambrose, Human Robotic Systems project lead...

2009-09-11 14:25:00

To prepare for human exploration of the moon and other destinations in our solar system, NASA is conducting a field test of rovers and equipment at an Earthly site in the Arizona desert. Hundreds of students are invited to experience it. NASA's annual Desert RATS -- or Research and Technology Studies -- field test is underway. The agency has planned a variety of activities to engage students in the practical application of the science, technology, math and engineering skills critical to space...

2009-09-03 06:26:38

NASA will hold the annual Desert "RATS," or Research and Technology Studies, field test in the Arizona desert this fall, hosting a media day for journalists on Sept. 15. Desert RATS will help determine what technologies and capabilities will be needed when NASA takes future trips beyond Earth. The tests will include a simulated 14-day mission during which two crew members -- an astronaut and a geologist -- will live inside NASA's prototype Lunar Electric Rover. They will scout the test area...

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