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2006-04-20 06:20:00

By Ben Blanchard BEIJING -- China, a third of whose landmass is desert, will never completely tame the sandstorms that plague the country every spring due to the sheer size of its sandy regions, officials said on Thursday. But the country will step up efforts to control the problem, and the officials said they were confident the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing would not be affected by the dust that enveloped parts of northern China this week. "Given the millions of square kilometers of desert...

2006-04-18 02:32:19

SEOUL (Reuters) - A sand storm that covered homes and streets in the Chinese capital with a brownish-yellow dust has clogged the air over the Korean peninsula, weather officials said on Tuesday. The dust storm was weak over parts of central and northern South Korea, including the capital Seoul, the South's Meteorological Administration said, adding that it was much more severe in North Korea. South Korean authorities are yet to issue a health warning. Northern China continued to...

2006-04-17 00:02:39

BEIJING (Reuters) - A sand storm struck the Chinese capital on Monday, covering homes, streets and cars in brown dust and leaving the skies a murky yellow as it suffers its worst pollution in years ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Desertification of the country's west and Mongolian steppes has made the spring sand storms worse in recent years, reaching as far away as South Korea and Japan. Cold, windy weather, a glut of construction sites and poor plant cover around Beijing have...

2006-04-04 10:40:00

GENEVA -- The Mediterranean region will be increasingly plagued by environmental problems and economic disparities in the next 20 years unless development is controlled, the United Nations warned on Tuesday. Desertification threatens the south and east, while half of its 46,000 km (28,580 mile) coastline is on track to be built up by 2025, up from 40 percent, said a report by the U.N. Environmental Program's think tank "Plan Blue." The region, which links more than 20 countries, is home to 7...

2006-03-02 22:18:35

BEIJING (Reuters) - China will target a 7.5 billion yuan ($934 million) fund at repelling an invasion of rats eating their way across fragile wetlands on the Tibetan plateau, the China Daily said on Friday. Over the past decade, rats had chewed through one third of the grasslands in the massive Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve in remote western Qinghai province, exacerbating erosion around the world's highest and largest wetlands, the report said. "The rat disaster in the Sanjiangyuan...

2005-11-11 13:52:24

Amid predictions that by 2010 the world will need to cope with as many as 50 million people escaping the effects of creeping environmental deterioration, United Nations University experts say the international community urgently needs to define, recognize and extend support to this new category of 'refugee'. In a statement to mark the International Day for Disaster Reduction (October 12), UNU's Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) in Bonn says such problems as sea level...

2005-10-24 11:47:30

By Wangui Kanina NAIROBI (Reuters) - African governments and donors on Monday launched an ambitious plan to fight desertification, which causes chronic food shortages and threatens to drive millions from their homes in coming decades. The so-called Terrafrica partnership aims to attract at least $4 billion over 12 years to improve the sharing of ideas about how best to combat land degradation, officials told a news conference in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. "Its objectives are to...

2005-07-12 20:25:41

WASHINGTON DC, US -- Launched today, the fourth Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) report, Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Industry, synthesizes and integrates findings related to both small and large businesses throughout the industrial and developing world. The 34-page report connects the dots between environmental changes and the private sector. The report highlights ways in which businesses depend on services provided by ecosystems, how...

2005-06-16 09:35:00

Growing desertification worldwide threatens to swell by millions the number of poor forced to seek new homes and livelihoods. And a rising number of large, intense dust storms plaguing many areas menace the health of people even continents away, international experts warn in a new report. Thick storms rising out of the Gobi Desert affect much of China, Korea and Japan and even reduce air quality over North America, according to Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Desertification Synthesis. The...

2005-06-16 14:06:45

OSLO -- Desertification threatens to drive millions of people from their homes in coming decades while vast dust storms can damage the health of people continents away, an international report said on Thursday. "Desertification has emerged as a global problem affecting everyone," said Zafar Adeel, assistant director of the U.N. University's water academy and a lead author of a report drawing on the work of 1,360 scientists in 95 nations. Two billion people live in drylands vulnerable to...

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2013-04-02 09:46:56

Desertification is a form of land degradation in which a comparatively dry land area becomes more and more arid, normally losing its bodies of water along with its wildlife and vegetation. This is a result of a variety of factors, such as climate change and human activities. Desertification is an important global, ecological, and environmental issue. There is substantial controversy over the proper definition of the term “desertification”. The most broadly accepted of these is that of...

2009-05-27 18:12:50

Deforestation is the act or process of removing trees from forested lands by cutting or burning. There are many reasons for deforestation. Logs are sold as a commodity and cleared lands can be used for pastures and human settlements. The damage caused by deforestation, however, can be great. If land is not somewhat reforested it can cause damage to habitats for wildlife and other plant life, affect the aridity of the region, and possibly encourage degradation into wasteland. Due to negligent...

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