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2013-06-27 23:30:06

10% Discount on Entire Stock of Colored Diamonds Ramat Gan, Israel (PRWEB) June 27, 2013 Naturally colored diamonds have a brilliance and beauty that is unrivaled by other gemstones. Created through naturally occurring processes deep within the earth, each stone is unique. Rarity also adds to their value, as only one diamond in ten thousand can be classified as a colored, or Fancy, diamond. Denir Diamonds is pleased to offer a 10% discount on their entire stock of colored diamonds from...

2009-11-02 02:00:00

SEATTLE, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a six-day trial, a federal jury here dismissed Blue Nile Inc.'s $60.1 million claim against The Yehuda Diamond Company, reaffirming Yehuda Diamond's right to compare the prices of its clarity enhanced diamonds to the untreated diamonds sold by online retailer Blue Nile. Yehuda Diamond, based in New York, has earned widespread industry and consumer loyalty for its successful competition with Blue Nile and other online jewelers, favoring consumers...

2008-01-08 22:26:17

Teams of researchers from Penn State, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Naval Research Academy have recently discovered a trait of blue diamonds that could prove to be invaluable. When a white or natural light shines on the Hope Diamond, it glows a brilliant blue; when an ultraviolet light shines on the Hope Diamond, it glows a bright red-orange for five minutes. Most diamond colors fluoresce; they only emit visible light as long as they are stimulated with uv radiation. Teams of...

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