Latest Diastema Stories

2013-01-31 23:02:46

Outside of Hollywood, it´s highly unusual for people to appreciate and want to keep the gaps between teeth (known as diastemas). AACD cosmetic dentists say that patients with prominent gaps report feelings of lower self-confidence. Madison, Wisconsin (PRWEB) January 31, 2013 It´s part of True Blood star Anna Paquin´s sex appeal and, until recently, it was in ℠vogue´ for Madonna. Some celebrities see the gap between their front teeth as part of their own unique...

2012-09-18 23:01:00

Orthofill, the leading producer of dental bands for teeth gap, teaches over 175,000 of their clients how to fix gap in front teeth without ever using braces through their blog posts. Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) September 18, 2012 Orthofill, the leading provider of synthetic dental bands for teeth gaps, reveals how to close a gap without braces on a series of posts on http://www.orthofill.com/blog/. This Canada-based dental band offers less invasive, safe and effective orthodontic solution for...

2011-11-28 13:00:00

Orthofill, a leading producer of non-invasive orthodontic teeth bands is offering a special price offer to seal teeth gap permanently. Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) November 28, 2011 Orthofill is a dental care brand in Canada that has helped thousands of clients by providing orthodontic bands as alternatives for closing a tooth gap without the need for braces. The company has announced that they will be releasing a limited time offer on their Orthofill bands. From their original price of $69 for 100...

2010-08-03 08:54:12

Could cost thousands of dollars in orthodontic repairs Mark this one down as a parental nightmare. First, your child gets her tongue pierced. Then, as if you needed something else, she starts "playing" with the tiny barbell-shaped stud, pushing it against her upper front teeth. And before you know it, she forces a gap between those teeth -- a fraction-of-an-inch gap that may cost thousands of dollars in orthodontic bills to straighten. How and why this happens has been documented in a case...

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