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Pesticide Banned In The USA Linked To Alzheimer's Disease
2014-01-29 07:46:56

For over 40 years scientists have recognized that DDT, a synthetic pesticide, harms bird habitats and is threatening to the environment. Although DDT was banned in the United States in 1972, other countries continue to use it as a pesticide.

2011-07-07 19:10:52

Scientists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are identifying factors that influence pesticide levels in the Chesapeake Bay airshed, including traces of "legacy" pesticides that still linger even though they are no longer being used.

2011-04-28 15:11:46

An individual's personality can have a big effect on their life.

2011-03-22 16:05:48

Two in 10 young people in South East Spain have poor sperm density, which involves requiring more time to accomplish fertilization.

2009-09-25 05:59:52

High levels of persistent environmental chemicals found in breast milk in a population with many male reproductive problems.

2009-03-20 00:52:52

Prenatal exposure to the insecticide DDT may play a role in the increased obesity of women, Michigan State University researchers said. More than 250 mothers who live alone and eat fish from Lake Michigan were studied for their exposure to DDE -- a breakdown of DDT. The study, published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, analyzed DDE levels of the women's offspring. The mothers are part of a larger cohort of Michigan fish eaters along Lake Michigan who were recruited in...

2008-08-18 21:00:24

By ERIK ROBINSON USGS scientist Jim Kaiser holds a juvenile osprey on the Willamette River on July 16. Ospreys are tested to determine the health of a river because they eat the fish, and pollutants will accumulate in the birds. USGS scientist Jim Kaiser runs tests on a juvenile osprey in July.

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