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2012-07-06 23:03:17

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Announces the first hCG Diet to combine with a low glycemic diet to Boost Metabolism and Health for rapid weight loss of up to a pound a day without surgery or new diet pills. (PRWEB) July 06, 2012 hCGTreatments / Diet Doc has created a powerful, personalized weight loss diet with a focus for improved overall health by pairing the modernized version of the hCG diet with all the health benefits of a low glycemic diet. The results are a rapid weight loss...

Eating Dessert With Breakfast Helps Dieters
2012-06-26 08:26:06

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com Chocolate cake. Crème filled donuts. These are some of the options people can look forward to having for breakfast after a new study highlighted the role dessert has in breakfast for dieters. Researchers at Tel Aviv University recently found that a diet focused on dessert with breakfast can actually help people avoid weight gain by decreasing the cravings they have. The findings were presented at the Endocrine Society´s 94 Annual Meeting...

2012-05-21 23:00:18

The 800 calorie diet is a recently developed option for HCG dieters. With the 800 calorie diet, dieters experience less side effects, hunger pains, and are allowed more daily exercise. Orem, UT (PRWEB) May 21, 2012 EZ Wellness LLC has recently revealed why dieters would choose the 800 calorie HCG plan over 500 calorie plan.The HCG diet often contains recommendations for individuals to eat 500 calories each day. HCG diet experts have started to suggest individuals eat 800 calories per day...

Low-Calorie Slurpee Will Freeze Your Brain This Summer
2012-05-15 13:04:14

The nation´s largest convenience chain, 7-Eleven, has announced a new low-calorie line of Slurpees for this summer in hopes of freezing your brain while keeping extra calories out of your system, called Slurpee Lite. Bruce Horovitz for USA Today reports that Slurpee Lite will target females in their 20s with this tagline: “All flavor. No sugar.” The chain has sold saccharin-based Slurpees regionally, but the 45-year-old treat is now rolling out with Splenda as a sweetener,...

2012-05-10 22:38:57

Fighting Childhood Obesity in America Through Health Nutrition Education A health nutrition education program to fight childhood obesity in America is a possible outcome of a study by a University of Oklahoma researcher and a colleague.  The study looked at factors affecting a child´s decision when choosing healthy or unhealthy snacks. Paul Branscum, assistant professor, OU Department of Health and Exercise Science, College of Arts and Sciences, surveyed 167 fourth- and...

2012-03-30 23:01:42

Given the large number of emails received by hCG Blog over the last couple of days, it is apparent that many individuals are interested in hCG´s effect on the hibernation mode. In an attempt to clarify this mounting concern, hCG Blog details why the body instinctively stores body fat and how hCG prevents the body from entering into hibernation mode. (PRWEB) March 30, 2012 As an hCG weight loss specialist, hCG Blog consistently interacts with visitors and responds to concerns and...

2012-03-14 09:44:01

Overweight people who shed pounds, especially belly fat, can improve the function of their blood vessels no matter whether they are on a low-carb or a low-fat diet, according to a study being presented by Johns Hopkins researchers at an American Heart Association scientific meeting in San Diego on March 13 that is focused on cardiovascular disease prevention. In the six-month weight-loss study, Hopkins researchers found that the more belly fat the participants lost, the better their...

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