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Jurassic world legos
2015-02-16 13:02:33

Producers of the upcoming Jurassic World film have been teasing fans with hints of a genetically-engineered super-dino, and the first glimpse of it comes in a somewhat non-threatening form: Legos.

2008-07-29 00:25:00

Researchers are shooting aerial photos of dinosaur tracks near southern Utah’s Coral Pink Sand Dunes in hopes of learning more about the large animals that left them behind millions of years ago.

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2009-08-20 12:48:29

Dilophosaurus, meaning "two-crested lizard", was a theropod dinosaur from the Early Jurassic Period (Pliensbachian stage). It was first described 1954, but it did not recieve its current genus name until years later. It is one of the earliest known theropods, and one of the least understood as well. It was discovered by Sam Welles in the summer of 1942 and brought to Berkeley for cleaning and mounting. It was given the name Megalosaurus wetherilli. Welles returned to the dig site about ten...

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