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Not So Fast! GPS Maker Harman Says Apple Is More Partner Than Rival
2012-06-14 05:08:09

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com For as much as Tim Cook talked about doing “great things” with their products and the apps which run on them, Apple sure does have a tendency to squash other products and services underfoot. Take, for instance, text messaging. Or pocket cameras. Or GPS units. Sure, Apple isn´t solely responsible for slowly rendering these technologies obsolete. RIM used BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) long before Apple introduced iMessage, and as technology...

2011-03-09 09:11:00

SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland, March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC) today announced that its shareholders approved an approximate 20 per cent increase in its annual dividend and elected Dinesh Paliwal to the company's Board of Directors during its Annual General Meeting. Shareholders approved an annual dividend of $1.00 per share, representing an approximate 20 percent increase over the current $0.84 annual dividend. Payment of the dividend is to be made in four...

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