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2009-08-14 15:10:00

The issue of who will provide funding to assist developing nations in reducing carbon emissions has emerged as a significant challenge during a five-day U.N. climate meeting concluding Friday in Bonn. The negotiations had many participants frustrated with the lack of progress just four months ahead of an upcoming U.N. conference in Copenhagen to agree upon a successor treaty to the Kyoto protocol, which expires in 2012. Some say the best that can be expected from the December meeting is an...

2009-08-07 12:15:00

The new global climate treaty, set to be agreed upon by the end of the year, needs strong commitments from wealthier nations to making drastic cuts in CO2 emissions by 2020.Without these , it "would defeat the whole purpose of the Copenhagen agreement," Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) told AFP in an phone interview.There has been a number of differing opinions on how deep the cuts should be, and the longer the topic is churned in the...

2009-08-06 14:29:00

NEW YORK, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Upon learning of the White House decision to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, the World Jewish Congress issued the following statement: We are deeply troubled that the White House has chosen to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. During her tenure, she presided over the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa in 2001, which...

2009-08-06 06:15:00

China refused on Wednesday to submit to demands that wealthy nations commit to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions during upcoming climate change negotiations in Copenhagen this December. The country also refused to set limits on its own emissions. Instead, China and other developing nations will call on wealthy countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2020, said Yu Qingtai, China's lead climate negotiator. "We have all along believed that...

2009-08-05 09:16:14

As the world's environment ministers, government officials, diplomats and campaigners prepare to attend the COP15 conference in Copenhagen in December 2009 to unite in the battle against climate change in one of the most complicated political deals the world has ever seen, the increasingly complex territory of climate negotiations is being revealed in an article published today, 5 August, 2009, in IOP Publishing's Environmental Research Letters.The paper 'Tripping Points: Barriers and...

2009-08-05 07:45:00

LONDON, Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- One Young World, the global nonprofit organization that serves as a platform to raise the voice of the next generation of world leaders on global issues, has unveiled the findings of a global survey of mid-20-somethings addressing the topics of Environment, Business, Politics, Media and Religion. Co-founders David Jones and Kate Robertson presented the findings in London on Friday, alongside Carole Stone, Managing Director of YouGovStone, just-announced...

2009-08-01 07:19:33

Despite India's opposition to binding carbon emission cuts and difficulty accepting scientific evidence about global warming, it claimed to be committed to coming to an agreement on battling climate change during the upcoming UN summit in Copenhagen. "We are not defensive, we are not obstructionist. We want an international agreement in Copenhagen," Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh told reporters in New Delhi. He urged affluent nations to provide financial aid to developing countries to...

2009-07-26 11:35:37

Germany announced that a French notion to charge "carbon tariffs" on items from countries that will not reduce greenhouse gases is a form of "eco-imperialism," and an obvious breach of WTO rules. The subject of greenhouse tariffs has been faced with vehement opposition from countries like China and India, who depend on affluent countries to purchase their products as they develop their economies. Matthias Machnig, Germany's State Secretary for the Environment, said on Friday that the French...

2009-07-25 06:40:00

The chasm further widened between rich and poor nations as dialogue centered on how to approach the climate change has turned into debate. The European Union insists that more action be taken in developing states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; however India refused to accept key scientific findings used to support global warming. The environmental minister of India, Jairam Ramesh, claimed that the industrialized nations of the world are causing unnecessary fear about the melting...

2009-07-22 06:00:00

According to a UN official, the United States has undergone a change of opinion on climate change and is now on a path toward "strong climate action." "The mood is completely different now... There's a sense that the country's on the move toward strong climate action," said Michael Zammit Cutajar, chairman for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) working group. Last month, the US House of Representatives approved a bill that aims to shift the US economy to run on cleaner...

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