Latest Dirk Helbing Stories

2013-07-11 14:43:04

A team of researchers from ETH Zurich, the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed an evidence-based model of violence in Jerusalem. The model explores alternative scenarios for the future of Jerusalem, in particular, their implications for the spatial distribution of violence in the city. Jerusalem is characterized by a continued level of territorial conflict. Rarely does a day go by without media reports...

2011-05-05 13:08:58

"The rich-get-richer effect," is famous not only in sociology. It applies to the success of innovators as well. But if attention is paid only to people who are already at the top, how are scientific revolutions possible? A new publication investigating careers of Nobel Prize winners gives insight into this stunning phenomenon. "Attention is a scarce resource in today's society," says Dirk Helbing, professor at ETH Zurich, and Bernardo Huberman, Director of the Social Computing Lab at HP,...

2010-12-28 09:25:00

An international team of scientists are looking to create what BBC News is calling "one of the most ambitious computer projects ever conceived"--a simulation that will virtually reproduce all activity on Earth, from human activity to climate to the spread of diseases and beyond. According to BBC Technology Reporter Gareth Morgan, the project is part of the FuturICT initiative and is being dubbed the Living Earth Simulator (LES). The proposed simulation is the brainchild of Dr. Dirk Helbing,...

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  • The navel or umbilicus.
  • In Greek archaeology: A central boss, as on a shield, a bowl, etc.
  • A sacred stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, believed by the Greeks to mark the 'navel' or exact center-point of the earth.
'Omphalos' comes from the ancient Greek.