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2012-06-11 20:12:44

An Indiana University study found that teens and young adults who are members of multiple minority or disadvantaged groups face more discrimination than their more privileged peers and, as a result, report worse mental and physical health. In general, as the number of minority or disadvantaged groups to which young people belonged increased–reflecting their gender, socioeconomic status, race, and sexual identity–the number of forms of discrimination they experienced and their...

2010-12-17 17:21:33

Sociologists have long known that a college education improves the chances that an individual will volunteer as an adult. Less clear is whether everyone who goes to college gets the same boost in civic engagement from the experience. In an innovative study that compared the volunteering rates of college graduates with those of non"“college graduates with similar social backgrounds and high school achievement levels, UCLA sociologist Jennie Brand found something striking: A college...

2010-04-01 13:00:00

With the college admission season upon us, teens across the country are glued to college websites in hopes of learning whether they have been admitted to their school of choice. But high school seniors who did not apply to college may be missing out on more than this popular rite of passage, a new UCLA-led study suggests. They could be forgoing some of the greatest financial returns a college education can offer, according to the findings, which appear in the April issue of the American...

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