Latest Discrete nanoscale transport Stories

2009-03-23 08:28:55

U.S. scientists say they are studying motor proteins as possible nanoscale machines for drug delivery inside the body's cells. Pennsylvania State University Associate Professor William Hancock said motor proteins, which transport chromosomes, mitochondria or bundles of proteins within cells, might be used to deliver drugs or even help inhibit tumor growth. Hancock said most motor proteins contain two motor domains, or heads, attached to a shared cargo-binding domain, or tail. Think of it as a...

2008-06-27 06:02:23

By Dinh, Anh-Tuan Pangarkar, Chinmay; Mitragotri, Samir Unlike macroscopic problems in mass, energy and momentum transfer, which are described by continuum equations, the movements and interactions of the nanoscale entities within a cell constitute a transport phenomenon known as discrete nanoscale transport (DNT). Imagine yourself on an alien spaceship, watching the daily goings- on of a large city through a telescope. You would see (among other things) complex transportation systems...

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