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2011-06-20 19:58:04

Our changing climate usually appears to be a very modern problem, yet new research from Greenland published in Boreas, suggests that the AD 1350 collapse of a centuries old colony established by Viking settlers may have been caused by declining temperatures and a rise in sea-ice. The authors suggest the collapse of the Greenland Norse presents a historical example of a society which failed to adapt to climate change. The research, led by Dr Sofia Ribeiro from the University of Copenhagen,...

2008-10-03 00:00:15

How do you write a song about climate change? The charity Cape Farewell has sent an intrepid group of musicians to the Arctic in the hope of inspiring some ecologically minded melodies. Here are their first impressions Martha Wainwright Singer-songwriter "We're just pulling out of Ilullisat harbour. It's around 3pm. I'm feeling a bit rough from last night at Murphy's Bar, where the local band played for us and the talent of Cape Farewell returned the favour. This was our 'night out'...

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