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2010-12-27 12:15:00

AT&T has distributed a new documentary to educators, government officials, safety organizations and the public which features families who were affected by people who text while driving. The wireless provider announced Monday the release of a new documentary featuring stories from individuals whose lives have been altered due to texting while driving. The 10-minute piece will be distributed nationwide to schools, safety organizations, government agencies and more as part of AT&T's...

2010-12-06 12:19:29

Google opened an online e-book store on Monday in its attempt to jump into a market dominated by Kindle-maker Amazon. Google e-bookstore features the company's massive library of digitized works online at books.google.com. "We believe it will be the world's largest e-books library," said Google spokeswoman Jeannie Hornung. "Including the free books, there are more than three million." Google said it will expand its e-book store internationally next year. The e-bookstore will be kept online...

2010-11-29 18:47:26

How do individuals often cope with reentry from prison to society? Too frequently with avoidance, says Lindsay Phillips, assistant professor of psychology at Albright College in Reading, Pa. and author of the forthcoming paper, "Prison to Society: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Coping with Reentry," to be published by the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. "There is a defined process experienced by participants, which is initial optimism about release,...

2010-11-24 07:00:00

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., Nov. 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- A towering 40 ft. rock n' roll Christmas tree--animated with a stunning display of choreographed music, lights, visuals and snow--plus a non-stop parade of bands, choirs and street performers along with Southern California's most eclectic shopping opportunities will make Universal CityWalk® a must-see holiday destination in L.A. during the season-long gala, November 26 through December 31. (Photo:...

2010-11-24 08:00:48

Lions, bears, monkeys, crocodiles, parrots and iguanas may seem inoffensive at first glance when they're behind bars in zoos. But some exotic species can escape and become invasive species. This has been confirmed by a scientific team that has checked 1,568 animal houses in 63 Spanish zoos. Birds are the animals most likely to escape. "As zoos house a large number of exotic (non-indigenous) species, they could become an entry channel for these species if they escape, with the potential...

2010-11-17 00:01:11

iTech Medical reported that the clinical study enrolled 602 subjects, aged 18-62 years old, with approximately equal gender separation and a wide variation in ethnic backgrounds. The primary objective of the study was to demonstrate that the MPR System could consistently and reproducibly differentiate clinically designated "abnormal" subjects with neck and/or back pain from "normal controls," on the basis of select sEMG measures of muscle activation levels and muscle recruitment patterns....

2010-11-04 01:13:56

Study of bilinguals hints language may help create, not just convey, thoughts and feelings The language we speak may influence not only our thoughts, but our implicit preferences as well. That's the finding of a study by psychologists at Harvard University, who found that bilingual individuals' opinions of different ethnic groups were affected by the language in which they took a test examining their biases and predilections. The paper appears in the Journal of Experimental Social...

2010-10-22 01:49:37

Most flowering plants, equipped with both male and female sex organs, can fertilize themselves and procreate without the aid of a mate. But this may only present a short-term adaptive benefit, according to a team of researchers led by two University of Illinois at Chicago biologists, who report that long-term evolutionary survival of a species favors flowers that welcome pollen from another plant. "We've shown that a strong, short-term advantage experienced by individuals that have sex with...

2010-10-20 12:56:21

Study examines 'dark side' personality traits and leadership Outgoing. Assertive. Calm. Practical. Decisive. These are obvious qualities that one would want in their leaders. But what about, say, arrogant, hesitant, overly dramatic, inflexible, or being a "yes-man"? A new study has found that when it comes to leading, some of those negative personality traits aren't such a bad thing, either. The work, by researchers in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Business Administration,...

2010-09-20 23:02:45

Suggesting to consumers that they will use a product frequently can actually reduce their interest in purchasing the product, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. "When consumers estimate the value of a durable product, they consider not only the absolute number of times they think they will use the product, but also the number of time they will use the product relative to other consumers," write authors Rebecca W. Hamilton, Rebecca K. Ratner (both University of...

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