Latest Diverticulitis Stories

2008-08-27 12:01:29

Eating nuts, corn, or popcorn isn't associated with increased risk of diverticulosis in men, U.S. researchers said. One-third of the U.S. population will develop diverticulosis by the age of 60 years and two-thirds will do so by the age of 85 years, the researchers said. Historically, physicians have advised individuals with diverticular disease to avoid eating nuts, corn, seeds and popcorn, even though there is little evidence to support this recommendation. Dr. Lisa L. Strate, of the...

2008-08-26 21:45:00

Painful bowel disease does not originate from eating seeds, nuts, corn and popcorn, despite popular opinion. Researchers said Tuesday those foods may in fact provide protection from the bowel disease diverticulosis and its painful complications. Dr. Lisa Strate and colleagues at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle studied 47,000 male U.S. medical professionals who have dealt with a variety of health issues since 1986.Diverticulosis is defined at the development of small...

2008-08-11 15:01:17

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I have asked you in the past a question about diverticulosis but haven't seen an answer. I will ask again. What foods are not good to eat when you have diverticulosis? I was told that certain seeds, nuts and popcorn should not be eaten. I have had a lot of pain and want to know what foods to stay away from. - L.M. ANSWER: A high-fiber diet is the recommended diet for diverticulosis - whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Fiber keeps stools soft. The colon doesn't have to...

2007-11-29 06:00:09

By Hinojosa, Marcelo W Konyalian, Viken R; Murrell, Zuri A; Varela, J Esteban; Stamos, Michael J; Nguyen, Ninh T Few studies have compared outcomes of right colectomy (RC) and left colectomy (LC) with respect to both benign and malignant disease. The objective of this study was to compare outcomes of RC versus LC for benign and malignant disease using a national administrative database of academic medical centers. Using International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision diagnosis and...

2007-09-15 03:00:53

By Patel, Vijaykumar G Rao, Arundathi; Williams, Reginald; Srinivasan, Radha; Et al Acute epiploic appendagitis (EA) is a rare and often misdiagnosed cause of acute abdominal pain. Though a benign and often self- limiting condition, EA's ability to mimic other disease processes makes it an important consideration in patients presenting with acute abdominal symptoms. Careful evaluation of abdominal CT scan findings is crucial in the accurate diagnosis of epiploic appendagitis, thus avoiding...

2007-07-01 06:18:47

By Ginsberg, David A Phillips, Sidney F; Wallace, Joyce; Josephson, Karen L Constipation is common in the elderly because of age-related physiologic changes and polypharmacy. Secondary constipation is treated by correcting underlying pathology or reducing predisposing factors. Primary constipation is amenable to dietary adjustments, education and behavioral training, and laxatives when necessary. Constipation encompasses many defecatory disorders and means different things to health care...

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