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2011-12-01 01:39:04

The latest episode in the American Chemical Society's (ACS) award-winning "Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions" podcast series features a new solar cell with high efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity and the durability to last and last. In the podcast, Michael Graetzel, Ph.D., describes research that aimed to develop an improved version of a highly promising solar cell that is less expensive than conventional solar cells made from the semi-conductor material, silicon. These...

2011-07-30 01:56:27

A new twist on an old solar cell design sends light ricocheting through layers of microscopic spheres, increasing its electricity-generating potential by 26 percent. By engineering alternating layers of nanometer and micrometer particles, a team of engineers from the University of Minnesota has improved the efficiency of a type of solar cell by as much as 26 percent. These cells, known as dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), are made of titanium dioxide (TiO2), a photosensitive material that is...

2011-04-26 06:25:00

MIT reported on Monday that researchers have a used genetically modified virus to produce structures that improve solar-cell efficiency by about one-third. MIT researchers said they have found a way to make significant improvements to the power-conversion efficiency of solar cells by using a tiny virus to perform detailed assembly work at the microscopic level. Sunlight hits a light-harvesting material in a solar cell, which releases electrons that can produce an electric current. ...

2009-12-01 13:21:21

In a world first, a Monash University-led international research team has developed an innovative way to boost the output of the next generation of solar cells. Scientists at Monash University, in collaboration with colleagues from the universities of Wollongong and Ulm in Germany, have produced tandem dye-sensitized solar cells with a three-fold increase in energy conversion efficiency compared with previously reported tandem dye-sensitised solar cells. Lead researcher Dr Udo Bach, from...

2009-09-10 15:13:00

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Zero Motorcycles today announced their partnership with the star-studded team behind the award-winning documentary "FUEL." In conjunction with the documentary's national opening in select cities on September 18th, the team behind "FUEL" created The Veggie Van Organization, a not-for-profit group that aims to facilitate the transition from fossil fuel use to a new green economy using sustainable energy. The Veggie Van Organization will be...

2008-09-11 12:00:38

ERG Renew and Permasteelisa have announced that they will enter into the next-generation photovoltaic panels sector through their participation in a technological research and development project for the production of non-silicon based solar panels. The objective is to develop over the next four years so-called organic photovoltaic cells and to start-up an industrial production line of DSSC (Dye Sensitized Solar Cells) panels. This technology utilizes light-sensitive organic pigments and...

2008-07-08 18:00:36

By Sion Barry SOLAR energy company G24 Innovations (G24i) has won a top accolade at this year's Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE) Environmental Leadership Awards. Pat McFadden, Secretary of State for Employee Relations, presented the company witht he Product Premier Award. The BCE Awards recognised the development of G24i's portable solar power device, which has the potential to be used in the developing world. G24i is the world's first company to commercially manufacture...

2008-04-10 15:15:00

A new approach is able to create a dramatic improvement in cheap solar cells now being developed in laboratories.   By using a popcorn-ball design -- tiny kernels clumped into much larger porous spheres -- researchers at the University of Washington are able to manipulate light and more than double the efficiency of converting solar energy to electricity. The findings will be presented today in New Orleans at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society. "We think this can...

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