Latest DNA database Stories

2014-02-11 08:40:59

Using DNA to Identify Missing Persons in the United States and Mexico LORTON, Va., Feb.

2012-02-10 10:14:58

New research suggests that unrelated individuals may be mistakenly identified as genetic family members due to inaccurate genetic assumptions.

Forensic Scientists Criticize FBI's New CODIS Plan
2011-10-18 04:53:22

Five members of the forensic science community criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) DNA database system.

2011-10-05 12:49:38

There is too little attention paid in national and international public policy circles to the digital divide in health and law enforcement databases.

2010-09-22 05:00:00

LYON, France, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- United States-based firm Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH-GA) announced the launch of the Forensic DNA World Map Project (WMP), a new component to GTH-GA's popular DNAResource.com, which monitors developments in forensic DNA policy.

2010-06-22 13:45:00

New York Governor David Paterson has proposed doubling the states's DNA database to include samples from even low-level offenders, making it the first state to collect and use evidence to help solve crimes and exonerate people that have been wrongly convicted.

2009-04-20 05:55:00

US federal and state law enforcement agencies are expanding their DNA collection to include those who are arrested or detained, not only those who are convicted.

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