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Fragile X Syndrome
2014-02-28 13:24:30

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online New research from a team of American researchers has found a genetic mechanism that shuts off the gene associated with fragile X syndrome – which causes developmental disorders such as mental retardation and autism. According to the team’s report in the journal Science, they were successfully able to a test drug that blocks this blocking mechanism. While it has been known that the syndrome is driven by the excessive repetition...

2014-02-27 23:31:03

PathoGenetix, Inc. has been invited to present research at the 2014 American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting detailing the mechanisms used in Genome Sequence Scanning to optimize throughput and stretching of DNA in detection funnels and enable rapid bacterial identification and strain typing. WOBURN, MASS (PRWEB) February 27, 2014 PathoGenetix, Inc., a commercial-stage developer of an automated system for rapid bacterial identification, has been invited to present new research at the...

2014-02-27 18:17:48

As the price for decoding a person's DNA keeps dropping, expectations for personalized medicine based on specific genetic profiling rise. But translating an individual's genetic data into finely tailored medical treatments still faces major challenges, explains a new article in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly magazine of the American Chemical Society. Rick Mullin, senior editor at C&EN, notes that advances in DNA sequencing have allowed researchers to design some...

How Well Did You Sequence That Genome?
2014-02-27 13:24:50

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) In December 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first high-throughput DNA sequencer (also known commonly as a "gene sequencer"), an instrument that allows laboratories to quickly and efficiently sequence a person's DNA for genetic testing, medical diagnoses and perhaps one day, customized drug therapies. Helping get the new device approved was another first: the initial use of a reference set of standard genotypes,...

2014-02-25 23:22:06

APDN's DNA-based anti-theft solution for cash in transit helped convict three more dangerous criminals in the United Kingdom this week. According to court documents, the convicted thieves, who beat, punched, and kicked a security guard in a cashbox robbery in Gravesend, Kent, England, were sentenced to a total of seven years and three months in prison. Stony Brook, NY (PRWEB) February 25, 2014 Applied DNA Sciences (OTCQB: APDN), (Twitter: @APDN), a provider of DNA-based...

2014-02-25 13:58:56

Technological discovery Cells in our body are constantly dividing to maintain our body functions. At each division, our DNA code and a whole machinery of supporting components has to be faithfully duplicated to maintain the cell’s memory of its own identity. Researchers at BRIC, University of Copenhagen, have developed a new technology that has revealed the dynamic events of this duplication process and the secrets of cellular memory. The results are published in Nature Cell Biology....

2014-02-25 08:30:58

FAIRFIELD, Ohio, Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- DDC Medical (DDC), one of the world's largest DNA testing laboratories, announced today the signing of a license agreement with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to commercialize mouse cell line authentication (M-CLA) using STR DNA technology. According to Hughes P. Marshall D, Reid Y, et al. 2007 BioTechniques 43.575-586, it has been shown that over a third of cell lines used for biomedical research are...

2014-02-24 23:24:32

500 houses in Stockholm will have household items marked with the APDN anti-theft product DNANet, branded in Sweden as smartDNA. The technology empowers police to pin a criminal directly to a crime. Stony Brook, NY (PRWEB) February 24, 2014 Applied DNA Sciences (OTCQB: APDN), (Twitter: @APDN), a provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology and product authentication solutions, announced today it will be creating a DNA-Protected Community in Stockholm, Sweden, in a trial...

2014-02-21 23:24:04

Solving more sexual assault cases with improved DNA collection technology Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 21, 2014 M-Vac Systems today announced findings of a University of California(UC)-Davis study revealing the superior results from its unique DNA collection technology tested against legacy collection methods. Compared to traditional swabbing and cutting techniques to recover cellular material, the M-Vac System recovered more actionable, measureable DNA, or was able to cover a larger...

2014-02-20 23:23:38

APDN has signed its tenth Long Island-based defence supplier, a manufacturer, as as part of an effort by the US Defense Logistics Agency which requires use of the company's counterfeit prevention product Signature DNA on certain electronic parts provided to the Agency. The company, Modular Devices, is the eighth Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) to comply with the DLA requirement to use SigNature® DNA marking. Stony Brook, NY (PRWEB) February 20, 2014 Applied DNA Sciences...

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Brief Introduction To DNA Probes
2014-01-12 00:00:00

DNA probes help scientists to detect a specific gene in a long DNA sequence. According to Dr. Michael A. Pfaller, DNA probes are “single-stranded pieces of nucleic acid, labeled with a specific tracer (isotope, enzyme, or chromophore), that will hydrogen bond (hybridize) with complementary single-stranded pieces of DNA (or RNA) under the appropriate conditions of pH, temperature, and iconic strength.” The Foundation for Genomics and Population Health website has a helpful video about...

2011-04-14 15:10:21

Bacillus subtilis, also known as hay bacillus or grass bacillus, is a Gram-positive, catalase-positive bacterium commonly found in soil. It is rod-shaped and a member of the genus Bacillus. It also has the ability to form a tough, protective endospore, allowing the organism to tolerate extreme environmental conditions. B. subtilis has historically been classified as an obligate aerobe, though recent research has proven this to not be strictly correct. It is not a human pathogen although...

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