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2008-09-04 12:13:10

South Korean researchers said Thursday that the first cloned dog, has become a father after the world's first successful breeding involving only cloned canines. A Seoul National University (SNU) research team said Snuppy, the Afghan hound, impregnated two cloned bitches of the same breed through artificial insemination. Team leader Lee Byung-Chun said it is the first time in the world that puppies have been born from cloned parents. He said one of the 10 puppies born between May 14 and 18...

2008-08-05 06:10:00

The first ever commercial cloning of a pet was carried out in South Korea, where five identical copies of Booger the pit bull terrier were created for an American client. The cloned puppies were created at Seoul National University's veterinary school using some of Booger's refrigerated ear tissue. The five puppies were born from two surrogate mothers on July 28, said Ra Jeong-Chan, CEO of RNL Bio which has launched a commercial dog cloning service in cooperation with the university...

2008-07-18 00:25:00

A Beijing law has made it illegal to have dogs larger than 35 centimeters (1.1 foot) tall. Any dogs larger than that are subject to being put down by authorities. Dog lovers in China regularly complain about Beijing's strict laws against large dogs. They believe the law harks back to the belief of past communist leader Mao Zedong who believed that people who kept dogs as pets were timewasters. As pet ownership in China booms, Beijing dog owners are upset over the city law on large dogs, and...

2008-07-17 12:50:00

Two South Korean labs are offering pet owners the chance to clone their dogs in hopes of bringing a beloved pet back to life, but the service will come at a high price. Both Seoul-based labs "“ one affiliated to RNL Bio Co and the other to Sooam Biotech Research Foundation -- sit within just 20 miles of each other, and both claim to be the only places in the world where pet owners can clone their pets at prices ranging between $50,000 and $100,000. However, pet owners haven't been the...

2008-07-17 09:00:31

By Lisa Riley Roche Deseret News There's a new campaign to get a Utahn in the White House -- one whose qualifications include a wet nose, a wagging tail and a willingness to become a loyal member of a Democratic administration. Dozens of dogs, including six from Utah, have been nominated on a new Web site created to convince Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama that he should adopt a shelter dog for his family rather than purchase a purebred. Utah's canine candidates include...

2008-06-24 12:03:09

British and U.S. scientists say they've developed a method to identify the genetic basis for physical and behavioral differences among canine breeds. Geneticist Paul Jones of Britain's Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition says dogs vary in size, shape, color, coat length and behavior more than any other animal and that variance has largely been unexplained. But in the new study, he said scientists developed a method of identifying the genetic basis for the diversity that might have...

2008-06-23 10:15:00

Discovery offers potential benefits for dogs and their owners What makes a pointer point, a sheep dog herd, and a retriever retrieve? Why do Yorkshire terriers live longer than Great Danes? And how can a tiny Chihuahua possibly be related to a Great Dane? Dogs vary in size, shape, color, coat length and behavior more than any other animal and until now, this variance has largely been unexplained. Now, scientists have developed a method to identify the genetic basis for this diversity that may...

2008-04-26 00:40:00

The country that created the world's first cloned canine plans to put duplicated dogs on patrol to sniff out drugs and explosives. The Korean Customs Service unveiled Thursday seven cloned Labrador retrievers being trained near Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul. The dogs were born five to six months ago after being separately cloned from a skilled drug-sniffing canine in active service. Due to the difficulties in finding dogs who are up to snuff for the critical jobs, officials...

2008-02-15 13:41:46

Booger, a dead Pit Bull owned by Bernann McKunney, may be brought back to life, or at least, "re-birthed." McKunney, who is from California, has put in an order with RNL Bio in South Korea to have her dog cloned. This is the company's first "commercial order", and it is costing McKunney $150,000. She was incredibly attached to Booger, due to the fact that he saved her life following an attack where another dog bit her arm off. Prior to Booger's death a year and a half ago, McKunney gave RNL...

2006-06-27 06:05:45

By Jack Kim SEOUL (Reuters) - Disgraced South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk will open a laboratory in Seoul next month to resume his work on animal cloning, and perhaps restart research on human embryonic stem cells, his lawyer said on Tuesday. Hwang left his post at Seoul National University in December after an investigation panel said in a preliminary report Hwang's team had deliberately fabricated key data in two papers on embryonic stem cells that were once heralded but now...

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Transylvanian Hound
2013-09-23 11:09:59

The Transylvanian hound is a domestic breed of hunting dog that originated in Hungary. The ancient breed was developed when hounds traveled with Magyar tribes into Hungary in the ninth century, who bred them with Polish hounds and local breeds. Hungarian kings used the breed to hunt bears, wolves, foxes, and other creatures, but by the twentieth century, it was on the verge of extinction. In 1986, breeders began saving it, but it is still rare and can only be found outside of Hungary in...

Toy Trawler Spaniel
2013-09-23 11:06:01

The toy trawler spaniel is an extinct breed of domestic dog that originated from the United Kingdom. Originally bred as a sporting dog, it is thought that the breed was developed by crossing a King Charles spaniel and a Sussex spaniel. One of the last known living toy trawler spaniels, known as Robin, was bred by Lady Wentworth in 1911. This dog lived until 1920, when the breed is thought to have been close to extinction, and is now preserved at the Natural History Museum at Tring. The toy...

Toy Manchester Terrier
2013-09-23 11:01:25

The toy Manchester terrier is a breed of domestic dog that originated in the United Kingdom and Britain. The breed was developed in the nineteenth century when a whippet, black and tan terrier, and other breeds were crossed to create an effective rodent hunter. The breed was popular in America during the 1920’s, when it was known as the toy black and tan terrier and when the name was changed to the toy Manchester terrier, a club known as the American Toy Manchester Terrier Club was created...

2013-09-23 10:52:06

The Torjak is a breed of domestic sheep dog that originated in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an ancient breed that was first mentioned in a ninth century text from the Catholic Church, and later in the eleventh and fourteenth centuries. It was described as an intelligent and non-aggressive dog that guarded livestock and humans, although the Romans trained it to fight in wars and for sport. The breed nearly vanished when the nomadic sheepherders of its native area dispersed, but a...

Toy Fox Terrier
2013-09-23 10:48:47

The toy fox terrier, also known as the American toy terrier, is a breed of domestic dog that originated in the United States. This breed was developed from a smooth fox terrier called the “foiler,” which was Britain’s first registered fox terrier. It is thought that this breed was crossed with other smooth fox terriers to create the modern breed. It is recognized by major organizations including terrier is recognized by the UKC and the AKC. The toy fox terrier reaches an average...

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