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Akbash Dog
2013-06-12 16:33:29

The akbash dog is a livestock guard dog that originated from Turkey and was first bred in the 1970’s by Americans named David and Judith Nelson, who were interested in white dogs in that area. It derived its name from the Turkish word Akbaş, which translates to white head. Although the American Kennel Club does not recognize this breed, it is recognized by the United Kennel Club and can...

2013-06-12 16:26:26

The aidi, also known as the Chien de l'Atlas, is a species of guard dog that originated from Morocco. This species was used as a guard dog for sheep and livestock, but was also used alongside the hunting Sloughi as a tracking dog. This species lived with nomadic tribes and stood guard around the perimeter of camps. In the past, it was not highly regarded, unlike the Sloughi, but a recent...

Grand Bleu de Gascogne
2013-06-11 15:22:04

The Grand Bleu de Gascogne is a breed of scent hound dog that is thought to have originated from France and was used to hunt large game like deer and boar. It is a descendent of an old hunting breed that lived at the time of the St. Hubert hound in the 14th century. The modern breed is an important ancestor of many other scent hounds. Its temperament varies between individuals and it is not...

2013-06-11 15:18:18

The Azawakh is a breed of sight hound dog that originated from Africa. This breed is thought to have been developed in the regions of Southern Algeria, Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, by nomadic tribes including the Fula and the Tuareg peoples. This dog was bred for speed so it could hunt hares and other creatures and guard the camps of its people, but only highly fit dogs could adequately...

Braque Saint-Germain
2013-06-11 14:43:05

The Braque Saint-Germain, also known as the St. Germain Pointing Dog, is a breed of domestic hunting dog that originated from France in 1830. The first members of this breed were developed at the royal kennels of Compiègne, using a mixture of Continental and English pointer breeds. The breed received its name from Saint Germain en Laye, where it first became popular and where it was a favorite...

Braque du Puy
2013-06-11 14:40:15

The Braque du Puy was a breed of domestic hunting dog that originated in France. It is thought that the breed was developed in the nineteenth century in Poitou, when greyhound like breeds and Braques were crossbred, although one story suggests that two brothers bred their pet Braque Francais with a Sloughi dog from Africa. This breed was white in color with orange or liver colored markings and...

Bouvier des Flandres
2013-06-11 14:27:46

The Bouvier des Flandres, also known as the Toucheur de Boeuf  or Vuilbaard, is a domestic breed of herding dog that originated from Flanders and was once used for cattle driving, sheep herding, and other general farm duties. Its French name translates to “Cow Herder of Flanders.” The origin of this breed is credited to monks who resided in Flanders at the Ter Duinen monastery. It is...

Petit Bleu de Gascogne
2013-06-11 14:22:42

The Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a domestic breed of scenthound dog that originated in France. The breed is descended from hunting dogs that were used during the fourteenth century, the same ancestors of the slightly larger Grand Bleu de Gascogne breed. Like its larger counterpart, the term Petit does not refer to its size but to the size of the game it hunts, including hares. The Petit Bleu de...

2013-06-11 11:42:23

The Stabyhoun, also known as the Stabij, is a breed of domestic working dog that originated in the Netherlands. It is thought that the first part of the breed’s name, Staby, is derived from the Dutch term sta me bij, which means stand by me. The second term in its name, houn, is Frisian for dog. The earliest descriptions of this breed date back to the 1800s, when it was used as a hunting dog...

Toy Bulldog
2013-06-11 11:37:04

The toy bulldog is a breed of domestic dog that once existed between the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The first attempt to develop this species occurred when breeders tried to make the bulldog smaller. This was conducted by breeding small bulldogs, but did not result in consistent, healthy toy puppies, with some litters containing normal sized puppies. Another attempt to develop...

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