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Latest Doha Agreement Stories

2008-09-29 14:40:58

Text of report in English by Lebanese Hezbollah Al-Manar TV website on 29 September [Report by Hussein Assi: "Lebanon, World Condemn Tripoli Blast, Call for Unity."] Once again, the Lebanese army pays the price from the northern city of Tripoli... The Lebanese army said in a statement that the "hands of treachery have stretched again to the military institution to target security and stability in this country as well as reconciliation among the constituents of a unified society through a...

2008-07-13 06:00:10

Text of report in English by Syrian News Agency SANA website ["Joint News Conference of Presidents al-Asad, Sarkozy, Sulayman and Emir of Qatar " - SANA headline] Paris, 12 Jul(SANA) - President Bashar al-Asad said he thanked French President Nicolas Sarkozy for inviting him and the invitation for the mini quartet summit and for his firm commitment to what has been agreed upon in Saturday's meetings. President al-Asad, in a joint news conference in Paris with President Sarkozy,...