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2008-07-30 15:00:54

By GALLOWAY, Jill Farmers are more positive and expect incomes to lift after several seasons of very poor sheep and beef returns, says Rabobank's Feilding branch manager Chris Heenan.

2008-07-18 15:00:44

By MORGAN, Jon in Wellington `The trouble is, we've got some months that it is 600,000 and one month last year which had 4.3 million.' Mike Petersen A RADICAL change to the design of sheep farms is to be put to farmers by Meat & Wool New Zealand with the aim of providing year-round lambs to overseas markets.

2008-07-18 15:00:44

By ST GEORGE, Liz FARMERS still reeling from the drought are facing another blow. Initial scanning results show there are 20 to 30% less lambs than last year and, in some cases, up to 25% of mobs are dry. One farmer was reported to have 400 of his 1200 mob dry.

2008-07-17 18:00:27

By Lynda V. Mapes, Seattle Times Jul. 17--A federal judge in Seattle today ordered the federal government and members of the National Wildlife Federation to find a compromise in their fight over a plan to allow grazing and hay production on millions of acres of conservation land across the country.

2008-07-14 15:00:29

Farming editor Diane Bishop asked southern farmers and key meat industry players for their view, on PGG-Wrightson's proposal to buy a 50 percent stake in Silver Fern Farms for $220 million.

2008-07-10 15:00:40

By MORGAN, Jon A RADICAL change to the design of sheep farms is to be put to farmers by Meat & Wool New Zealand with the aim of providing year- round lambs to overseas markets. In a year in which the industry has heard one big idea after another, this could be the biggest.

2008-07-08 15:00:28

By KATTERNS, Tanya THE effects of the summer drought continue to hurt struggling sheep and beef farmers as well-off dairy farmers drive up the price of crucial winter feed.

2008-07-04 15:00:25

By DIANE BISHOP One of the main causes Federated Farmers national president Don Nicolson will champion is the freedom to farm and he urges lowland pastoral farmers to consider more profitable land use options. Diane Bishop reports.

2008-07-01 06:00:35

By Dan Buglass rural THE world is an increasingly hungry place and, as The Scotsman pointed out yesterday, at least one billion people on the planet are experiencing varying degrees of food poverty.

2008-06-25 00:00:00

When livestock farmer John Lund moved to East Yorkshire, everything in his fields looked rosy. He and his partner had bought a bigger farm to expand their cattle herd and sheep flock and secure a future for their 15-year- old son.

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Mouflon, Ovis aries orientalis
2012-07-31 15:05:48

The mouflon (Ovis aries orientalis) is classified as a subspecies group within the Ovis aries group. The other members of this group are known as urials, or the vignei group. It is thought that the mouflon is the ancestor to all domestic sheep. There are currently five recognized subspecies of the mouflon. This species can be found in the Caucasus, northwestern Iran, and northern areas of Iraq. The only native subspecies of the mouflon is the Cyprus mouflon, with the other four subspecies...

Argali, Ovis ammon
2012-07-31 09:52:06

The argali (Ovis ammon), also known as the mountain sheep, is native to Central Asia. Its range includes Tibet, Altay, and Himalaya. Its range extends from Kazakhstan in the west, east to Shanxi Province in China. It also extends from Altai Mountains in the north, south to the Himalayas. It prefers a habitat in the highlands of these regions, at elevations between 980 and 19,000 feet. Its habitat type varies depending upon location. In areas like Kazakhstan, where it is often hunted, it can...

Bighorn Sheep, Ovis Canadensis
2012-05-10 12:18:52

The bighorn sheep (Ovis Canadensis) can be found in North America. There are three currently accepted subspecies of this sheep. The range of the bighorn sheep depends on these subspecies. The Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep dwell in the cool mountainous areas of the United States and Canada, while the Desert bighorn sheep are native to the hotter desert areas of the southwestern United States. Bighorn sheep prefer habitats located in rocky, grassy slopes, and alpine meadows....

2007-07-16 14:25:09

The Domestic Sheep, Ovis aries, is the most common species of the sheep genus (Ovis). It is a woolly ruminant quadruped which most likely descends from the wild mouflon of South Asia. Sheep breeders refer to female sheep as ewes, intact males as rams, and castrated males as wethers. Yearlings are called hoggets and young sheep are called lambs. Domestic Sheep are now found all over the world, but they are declining in numbers in the U.S. because it is becoming economically unviable to raise...

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