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What Comes Up Must Go Down: Teens On Ecstasy And Speed
2012-04-19 12:29:07

After studying speed and ecstasy use in teenagers for 5 years, University of Montreal researchers have found that the drugs can actually cause depression. The study followed thousands of Canadian teenagers who used speed (meth/amphetamine) or ecstasy (MDMA) at ages 15 and 16. The results show these teens experienced severe depressive symptoms a year later. “Our findings are consistent with other human and animal studies that suggest long-term negative influences of synthetic drug...

2012-01-26 06:55:00

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — More than 10 million people suffer from Parkinson´s disease worldwide. About 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with this disease every year. Scientists have long known that a major contributing factor of Parkinson´s disease is caused by a drop in dopamine — a much needed chemical for the brain. And for decades, people suffering with this disease have depended on a drug called Levodopa to boost their brain´s dopamine levels. Unfortunately,...

2012-01-26 02:06:14

Research breakthrough could improve the lives of millions Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes, an independent and nonprofit biomedical-research organization, have identified a protein that exacerbates symptoms of Parkinson's disease–a discovery that could one day lead to new treatments for people who suffer from this devastating neurodegenerative illness. In a paper being published online today in Neuron, Gladstone Investigator Anatol Kreitzer, PhD, and Talia Lerner, PhD, who...

2012-01-18 15:04:56

Since mephedrone was made illegal in the UK in 2010, the street price of the drug has risen while the quality has degraded, which in turn may have reduced use of the drug. New research published online today reveals that young people who continued to use mephedrone after it became illegal would switch to a new legal high if it were pure and rated highly by their friends or on the Internet. They would be less deterred by a lack of scientific research on the new drug. Mephedrone is a...

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