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2008-05-27 14:03:05

The first large-scale analysis of proteins in the brains of monkeys addicted to cocaine reveals new information on how long-term cocaine use changes the amount and activity of various proteins affecting brain function.

2008-04-18 00:50:00

New forms of synthetically sweetened cocaine has been discovered in California by federal drug agents who hope to stop its development before it becomes available to other parts of the nation.

2008-04-07 10:45:00

Having a lower social standing increases the likelihood that a monkey faced with a stressful situation will choose cocaine over food, according to a study at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. More dominant monkeys undergoing the same stressful situation had fewer changes in brain activity in areas of the brain involved in stress and anxiety and were less likely to choose cocaine.

2008-03-18 00:10:00

The American Heart Association is warning young ER patients about the risks of misidentifying the symptoms of cocaine use as heart attack symptoms. The results of some heart attack treatments in addition to cocaine can be fatal.

2008-02-26 00:40:00

A team of scientists believe they have discovered a part of the brain which responds to cocaine use. The results of their research may further explain why some users make cocaine use a habit while others become social users.

2008-02-18 09:10:00

A new study conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory suggests that cocaine's effects go beyond the dopamine system.

2006-06-06 19:39:38

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas man was put to death by lethal injection on Tuesday for the 1992 ax-murder of his girlfriend.

2006-05-02 11:20:00

Mexico's president will approve a law that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs to concentrate on fighting violent narco gangs, the government said on Tuesday.

2006-04-03 16:55:00

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Two U.S. air marshals pleaded guilty on Monday to plotting to smuggle cocaine by using their positions to clear airport security and could face up to life in prison, federal prosecutors said.

2006-03-24 07:21:29

By Katie Nguyen NAIROBI (Reuters) - A Kenyan judge postponed the destruction of a record 1.1 tonne cocaine haul for a week from Friday to give Western experts time to verify the cache, which diplomats fear may have been tampered with.

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