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2011-04-05 07:19:20

Scientists are growing human hearts in laboratories with the help of stem cells, giving hope to millions of cardiac patients around the world. Researchers at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis believe the lab-developed organs could start beating in a matter of weeks. It's a huge step towards the first "Ëœgrow-your-own' heart, and could lead the way into producing other organs such as livers, lungs and kidneys. The researchers created the organs by removing muscle cells...

2008-01-14 07:55:00

In a development that may someday lead to new treatments for heart disease and organ transplants, researchers at University of Minnesota have successfully grown beating hearts in rats. The research carries implications for using stem cells to grow customized organs that can be used for transplants. Dr. Doris Taylor, Director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Cardiovascular Repair, led the research. During the study, Dr. Taylor and her team removed all the cells from the hearts of...

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