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2008-08-28 15:00:11

By JOHN FAUBER After more than a decade of trying to harvest the promise of embryonic stem cells, scientists have hit on a fascinating new approach that sidesteps them entirely.

2008-08-28 09:05:00

Scientists have successfully changed the identity of one type of cell into another in living mice, potentially paving the way for new developments in the growth of replacement tissues used to treat a broad spectrum of diseases.

2008-08-28 06:00:10

By Dan Vergano Call it "Extreme Makeover, the Cellular Edition." A team of biologists has turned mouse pancreas tissue into specialized cells, the same ones that go missing in juvenile diabetes.

2008-08-08 15:00:00

By ELIE DOLGIN and MARK JOHNSON Harvard scientists have reprogrammed the cells of patients with various genetic illnesses back to an embryonic state, creating a bank of cells that researchers can use to study and fight disease.

2008-08-08 13:15:00

Scientists at Harvard have successfully created stem cells for 10 genetic disorders by using a new technique.

2006-06-06 11:20:00

Stepping into a research area marked by controversy and fraud, Harvard University scientists said Tuesday they are trying to clone human embryos to create stem cells they hope can be used one day to help conquer a host of diseases.

2006-02-17 18:30:00

Harvard University said on Friday it would break ground next year on a 500,000-square-foot (46,450-square-metre) complex for stem cell research as part of the Ivy League school's push to stay a leader in the field.

2005-09-08 14:50:00

What exactly makes a stem cell a stem cell? The question may seem simplistic, but while we know a great deal of what stem cells can do, we don't yet understand the molecular processes that afford them such unique attributes.

2005-08-22 14:10:30

Researchers have developed a new technique for creating human embryonic stem cells by fusing adult somatic cells with embryonic stem cells. The fusion causes the adult cells to undergo genetic reprogramming, which results in cells that have the developmental characteristics of human embryonic stem cells.

2005-08-22 10:30:00

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have created a new human embryonic stem cell from an ordinary skin cell, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

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