Latest Dow Chemical Stories

2008-07-11 06:00:36

By Paul Davidson Dow Chemical, the venerable but stodgy chemical giant, scooped up some glitter Thursday, agreeing to buy Rohm and Haas for $15.3 billion to boost sales in more lucrative markets such as electronics and paints. The deal is aimed at broadening Dow's product base to include more high-margin specialty chemicals so it can rely less on commodity offerings that are vulnerable to boom-and-bust cycles. Dow CEO Andrew Liveris called the merger "game-changing," adding that...

2008-07-03 09:00:43

By Somini Sengupta Nearly a quarter-century after gusts of poison gas leaked out of the Union Carbide pesticide factory here, killing thousands and turning this ancient city into a notorious symbol of industrial disaster, hundreds of tons of toxic waste still languish inside a tin-roofed warehouse in a corner of the old factory grounds, with a rolling, padlocked shutter for a gate. At least now it is locked. For 20 years, it lay out in the open, in small mounds scattered around the...

2008-06-25 06:03:09

By David Jolly The world economy faces a new round of price increases as some of the world's largest industrial companies on Tuesday accelerated the pace of passing higher raw materials costs on to customers. Dow Chemical, the biggest U.S. chemical maker, said it would raise prices by 25 percent in July - the largest increase in its history - as energy and food costs surged more quickly than the company anticipated. Global prices for steel, a basic building commodity, also jumped after...

2008-06-24 12:02:58

Try to imagine a plastics factory. You're probably seeing an industrial eyesore belching smoke and fire into the sky at a city's edge. But Dow Chemical (DOW) and other large plastics makers have a more bucolic vision of what some plants will look like in the future, and they're heading to Brazil to build them. The "factories" they have in mind are more like farms: A sugar cane plantation, with 11-foot stalks for miles around, surrounding a plastics plant that runs entirely on cane, emits a...

2008-03-26 03:00:00

By Banholzer, William F Watson, Keith J; Jones, Mark E Considering the range of possibilities and constraints, a major transformation of the chemical industry's current capital structure is unlikely for at least a few decades. The chemical industry is a critically important contributor to modern society, providing the raw materials for a staggering 70,000 products ranging from the chlorine used to purify water to the lightweight materials that comprise sporting goods (1). As a whole, the...

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