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2012-04-25 00:01:17

An international team of researchers has reported a new understanding of a little-known process that happens in virtually every cell of our bodies. Protein folding is the process by which not-yet folded chains of amino acids assume their specific shapes, hence taking on their specific functions. These functions vary widely: In the human body, proteins fold to become muscles, hormones, enzymes, and various other components. "This protein folding process is still a big mystery," said UC...

2012-01-02 11:54:59

The binding of proteins to various substrates in a biological system is a basic but essential process to maintain the function of living things. The mechanisms underlying protein binding have been the focus of theoretical and experimental research for many years. Many mechanisms have been proposed and characterized, including "lock and key", "induced fit", "population shift" and "fly-casting". The recently discovered "fly-casting" mechanism allows a protein chain to unfold and extend to reach...

2009-07-29 13:22:19

Most parts of living organisms come packaged with ribbons. The ribbons are proteins"”chains of amino acids that must fold into three-dimensional structures to work properly. But when for any reason the ribbons fold incorrectly, bad things can happen, and in humans misfolded-protein disorders include Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.Scientists have for the past three decades tried to understand what makes proteins fold into functional units and why it happens, and several...

2005-10-14 14:17:57

Proteins are chain molecules assembled from amino acids. The precise sequence of the twenty different types of amino acids in a protein chain is what determines which structure a protein folds into. The three-dimensional structures in turn specify the functions of proteins, which range from the transport of oxygen in our blood, to the conversion of energy in our muscles, and the strengthening of our hair. During evolution, the protein sequences encoded in our DNA have been optimised for these...

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