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2005-10-07 10:25:00

NEW YORK -- A driving simulator similar to flight simulators used to train pilots can help people re-learn to drive after suffering a stroke. Nearly 75 percent of stroke patients trained on the simulator were able to pass an official driving test, compared with 42 percent of patients who completed standard training, Dr. Abiodun Akinwuntan of the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and colleagues in Belgium report. The driving simulator, developed by Akinwuntan and his team, offers a 20-mile...

2005-08-26 15:35:00

Whether talking or listening, your chances of an accident increase, study finds Listening on your cell phone while driving can be just as risky as talking, a new study finds. "It seems an intuitive understanding for most people that production [talking] on a cell phone is harder than comprehension [listening]. But the fact is that both result in poor driving performance," said Tate Kubose, a cognitive scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and lead author of the study....

2005-05-28 09:50:00

Scientists are testing simulators that mimic the driving environment Could time spent in a high-tech "driving simulator" help teens become safer drivers? Researchers at Kansas State University are trying to find out. "Teen driver safety is a critical issue because automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for our nation's youth. We are focused on assessing psychological fidelity and development of training focused on curbing high risk behaviors," Renee Slick, an assistant professor of...

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