Latest Driving simulator Stories

2010-03-29 07:30:00

A new study from University of Utah psychologists found a small group of people with an extraordinary ability to multitask.

2010-01-24 08:05:00

A new study indicates that driving reduces one's ability to comprehend and use language.

2008-12-01 11:20:00

US researchers have found that drivers are far more distracted by talking on their cell phones than having a conversation with passengers, and hands-free devices don’t seem to offer any added benefits.

2008-11-12 12:05:00

The Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University is now home to one of the largest and most sophisticated motion-based driving simulators in the United States.

2008-03-05 15:05:00

Carnegie Mellon University scientists have shown that just listening to a cell phone while driving is a significant distraction, and it causes drivers to commit some of the same types of driving errors that can occur under the influence of alcohol.

2006-08-17 18:06:24

LONDON (Reuters) - Eating and drinking while driving almost doubles the risk of a car crash although three-quarters of motorists do so, according to research on Friday.

2005-10-07 10:25:00

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A driving simulator similar to flight simulators used to train pilots can help people re-learn to drive after suffering a stroke.

2005-08-26 15:35:00

Listening on your cell phone while driving can be just as risky as talking, a new study finds. The results: Both listening and talking made it tougher for the participants to maintain a fixed speed and to keep their car safe in a single lane, compared to students not using cell phones while driving.

2005-05-28 09:50:00

Could time spent in a high-tech "driving simulator" help teens become safer drivers? Researchers at Kansas State University are trying to find out.

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