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2014-01-14 23:03:39

Drones are serving more uses than ever before – for bird control, national security, mapping, and soon package delivery. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 14, 2014 Bird-X, Inc. has a special interest in Drones, since one of the most promising new products we manufacture is designed to condition pest birds to stay away from areas where they are not wanted or where they put themselves and others in danger. Remote controlled drones equipped with speakers that emit predator bird and birds in...

2013-06-18 13:07:27

Newly published research from a University of Texas at Arlington communication team offers a groundbreaking perspective on the controversial use of unmanned aerial vehicles in journalism and mass communication, or “drone journalism.” The remotely guided aircraft gained prominence in the military´s hunt for suspected terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Such drones can be large, some about the size of small planes, which operate at higher altitudes and serve various...

Google Chief Speaks Out Against Drones
2013-04-15 08:24:30

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Drones, or unmanned flying vehicles, have many uses and are being deployed in many different areas around the world. In a recent interview with the Guardian, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said he´s uncomfortable with how widespread their use has become and urged for stricter regulations. In his subscription-only interview with UK´s The Guardian, Schmidt also said he was worried about terrorists getting their...

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