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2009-11-20 14:10:01

El Nino has caused devastating drought damage across Latin America this year, resulting in a massive food crisis in Guatemala and water cuts in Venezuela, AFP reported. An El Nino, which is an occasional seasonal warming of central and eastern Pacific waters, occurs on average every two to five years and upsets normal weather patterns across the globe. While they usually last around 12 months, El Nino reappeared once again in June and Guatemalan authorities blamed it for the nation's worst...

2009-11-18 08:00:00

LONDON, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Women bear the disproportionate burden of climate change, but have so far been largely overlooked in the debate about how to address problems of rising seas, droughts, melting glaciers and extreme weather, concludes The State of World Population 2009, released today by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. "Poor women in poor countries are among the hardest hit by climate change, even though they contributed the least to it," says UNFPA...

2009-11-02 13:15:00

China's Beijing Weather Modification Office caused an early snowfall Sunday after seeding rain clouds in order to ease droughts in the region. Scientists reported spraying clouds with 186 doses of silver iodide in hopes of causing rainfall for wheat crops suffering from a drought. However, a cold front swept through the region, causing the rainfall to become snow, which continued to fall throughout half of the day. Temperatures reached as low as 29 Fahrenheit, resulting in the earliest...

2009-10-21 07:30:00

County-by-county report identifies socially vulnerable communities in 13 states facing risk of drought, flooding, hurricanes and sea-level rise WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A number of "hotspots" of vulnerability to climate-related hazards exist in the US southeast, according to a new groundbreaking study released today by Oxfam America. The report, "Exposed: Social Vulnerability and Climate Change in the US Southeast," is the first of its kind to combine hazards...

2009-10-21 07:25:00

On Tuesday the UN sent out an alert that East Africa could be hit by flash floods in approaching months, with the potential to affect hundreds of thousands of people already suffering from a severe drought. The prediction comes from the UN's humanitarian coordination office that reported that the El Nino climate pattern in the Pacific basin could set off heavy rain in the Horn of Africa, which is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in a decade. "El Nino could create in the...

2009-10-02 10:27:21

Others Were Far Worse; Population, Planning Are the Real Problems A 2005-2007 dry spell in the southeastern United States destroyed billions of dollars of crops, drained municipal reservoirs and sparked legal wars among a half-dozen states"”but the havoc came not from exceptional dryness but booming population and bad planning, says a new study. Researchers from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory defied conventional wisdom about the drought by showing that it was...

2009-08-18 09:39:37

U.S. Department of Energy research shows eastern China's air pollution during the past 50 years has reduced the amount of light rainfall by 23 percent. The study's results, officials said, suggest bad air quality might be affecting that country's ability to raise crops, as well as contributing to health and environmental problems. The study, led by atmospheric scientist Yun Qian at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, links for the first time high levels of air pollutants with...

2009-07-02 11:33:33

A Texas A&M University professor says much of Texas is suffering severe drought, with some areas experiencing once-in-a-century dry weather conditions. Professor John Nielsen-Gammon, who is also Texas' state climatologist, says areas near San Antonio, Victoria and Corpus Christi are reporting record-breaking drought. According to the National Weather Service, the past 22 months have been among the driest ever for San Antonio, he said. In the Bryan-College Station area, the period from May...

2009-07-01 01:06:32

Researchers say baldcypress trees in central Texas provide a record of past weather and clues to the region's future. Malcolm Cleaveland of the University of Arkansas and his team have been taking cores from the trees that show the rings, the Austin American-Statesman reported Tuesday. Each ring represents a year in the tree's life, with thin ones being years of drought and thicker ones those when rainfall was more plentiful. The tree rings give you a perspective you can't get in any other...

2009-06-16 15:31:58

U.S. scientists say climate change in the form of regional drought, higher temperatures and heavy rainfall is now common in many parts of the nation. The scientists representing 13 U.S government agencies, universities and research institutes say the human-induced climate changes are likely to increase in intensity. The 190-page study is said to be the most comprehensive report to date on national climate change, offering the latest information on rising temperatures, heavy downpours, extreme...

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2013-04-02 09:46:56

Desertification is a form of land degradation in which a comparatively dry land area becomes more and more arid, normally losing its bodies of water along with its wildlife and vegetation. This is a result of a variety of factors, such as climate change and human activities. Desertification is an important global, ecological, and environmental issue. There is substantial controversy over the proper definition of the term “desertification”. The most broadly accepted of these is that of...

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