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2009-11-17 13:05:00

New research shows that frequent use of ketamine - a drug popular with clubbers - is being linked with memory problems, BBC News reported. Researchers from the University College London carried out a range of memory and psychological tests on 120 people and found that frequent users performed poorly on skills such as recalling names, conversations and patterns. Additionally, the drug may also cause kidney and bladder damage, according to previous studies. The London team and charity...

2008-09-03 13:17:57

Analysts in the UK have reported a surge in popularity of the drug diazepam, better known as Valium, among drug users. According to independent drug research organization DrugScope, diazepam use as a heroin substitute is increasing among drug users in 15 out of 20 towns it surveyed. Known on the street as "Ëœblues' of "Ëœvallies', Valium is a class C drug, but experts are concerned about the rise in its use among class A drug users over the past 12 months. DrugScope...

2005-09-06 10:30:00

LONDON -- Ketamine, an animal anaesthetic with hallucinogenic properties, is gaining popularity as a recreational drug in Britain, an independent survey reported on Tuesday. Charity Drugscope found that the drug, first popular in gay nightclubs, had now spread to a wider group of partygoers, and was on sale in eight of the 15 British towns and cities surveyed. "Ketamine has now established its place alongside the usual dance scene drugs like ecstasy," Paul Hurd, of Nottingham drug...

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