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2009-04-02 16:30:00

TICKER SYMBOL UFS (NYSE, TSX) MONTREAL, April 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Domtar Corporation (NYSE/TSX: UFS) announced today that it will idle its Dryden, Ontario pulp making facility for approximately ten weeks, effective April 25, 2009. This decision was taken in response to continued weak global demand for pulp and the need to manage inventory levels. Domtar will also idle its Ear Falls, Ontario sawmill for approximately seven weeks, effective April 10, 2009. North American lumber market...

2009-03-11 07:31:30

Kevin L. Petersen, director of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, announced he plans to retire from NASA effective April 3. A veteran aerospace engineer and manager with 38 years experience at Dryden, Petersen has served as the center's director for more than 10 years and is the longest-serving field center director currently at NASA. Dryden's deputy center director, David D. McBride, has been named acting director. "Kevin's service to NASA exemplifies what's great about the people who...

2006-10-06 08:32:31

Early fighter pilots were sometimes called knights of the air, a reflection of medieval times when knights used blunted lances in jousting tournaments to dismount competitors from their horses. Now, jet-borne jousting is combating supersonic shockwaves, hopefully enough to lessen the resulting sonic boom heard on the ground. Gulfstream Aerospace and NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center have teamed in a project called Quiet Spike to investigate the suppression of sonic booms. The project...

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  • The unit of magnetic flux density in the International System of Units, equal to the magnitude of the magnetic field vector necessary to produce a force of one newton on a charge of one coulomb moving perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field vector with a velocity of one meter per second. It is equivalent to one weber per square meter.
This word is named for Nikola Tesla, the inventor, engineer, and futurist.