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2010-07-06 10:30:16

The method predicted 2008 dust storm at New Mexico's White Sands Dune Field using temperature images from NASA's Earth-orbiting ASTER instrument, team reports in the Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface Researchers based at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a method for predicting dust and sandstorms that uses infrared satellite images to determine when conditions are ripe for the destructive phenomena, a technique that could be implemented globally and that the research...

2010-05-05 07:38:14

Vast dust storms that dump millions of tons of topsoil from the Australian outback as far afield as Canberra, Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand and New Caledonia, with small amounts even reaching Antarctica, may also be a possible source of disease for people, crops and animals. This phenomenon is being investigated by Professor Patrick De Deckker of the Australian National University, who is this year's winner of the Australian Academy of Science's prestigious Mawson Medal for his...

2010-02-21 08:06:50

University of Miami Professor Joe Prospero shared findings at AAAS Residents of the southern United States and the Caribbean have seen it many times during the summer months"”a whitish haze in the sky that seems to hang around for days. The resulting thin film of dust on their homes and cars actually is soil from the deserts of Africa, blown across the Atlantic Ocean. Now, there is new evidence that similar dust storms in the arctic, possibly caused by receding glaciers, may be making...

2009-07-21 06:10:22

A Japanese study using a NASA satellite found that dust clouds being generated by a huge dust storm in China's Taklimakan desert in 2007 made more than one full circle around the globe in just 13 days. Once the cloud reached the Pacific Ocean the second time, it descended down and deposited some of its dust into the sea, revealing how a natural phenomenon can impact the environment far away. "Asian dust is usually deposited near the Yellow Sea, around the Japan area, while Sahara dust ends...

2009-05-19 16:23:18

U.S. scientists say they've made the first direct observations of biological particles in high-altitude clouds. A team of atmospheric chemists led by Kimberly Prather and Kerri Pratt of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California-San Diego sampled water droplet and ice crystal residues at high speeds while flying through clouds in the skies over Wyoming. An analysis revealed the particles were made up nearly entirely of either dust or biological material, such as...

2009-03-27 10:25:00

A new study reported Thursday finds that lessening airborne dust has caused a rapid warming of the tropical North Atlantic in recent decades. The sun-dimming dust, blown in from sandstorms in the Sahara or caused by volcanic eruptions, reflects a portion of the sun's rays back into space.  This decline in dust was responsible for 70 percent of the warming in the Atlantic since the early 1980s, according to the study. "Since 1980 tropical North Atlantic Ocean temperatures have been rising...

2008-10-29 08:40:00

NASA satellite data can improve forecasts of dust storms in the American Southwest in ways that can benefit public health managers. Scientists announced the finding as a five-year NASA-funded project nears its conclusion. Led by investigators Stanley Morain of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and William Sprigg of the University of Arizona in Tucson, scientists evaluated the influence of space-based observations on predictions of dust storms. Using NASA satellite data, forecasters...

2008-10-28 15:00:29

A five-year U.S. space agency study shows NASA satellite data can improve dust storm forecasts in the U.S. Southwest to benefit public health managers. Led by investigators Stanley Morain of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and William Sprigg of the University of Arizona in Tucson, scientists evaluated the influence of space-based observations on predictions of dust storms. Using National Aeronautics and Space Administration satellite data, the study found forecasters could more...

2008-09-02 03:00:25

By Docksai, Rick A layer of dust won't complement your bookshelf, but its presence may be a sign of good news about future hurricanes. The 2008 hurricane season was milder due to the increased presence of dust clouds over the Atlantic Ocean, according to Amato Evan, a researcher for the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies. "If those dust storms continue to intensify, that would certainly help to quell this period of intense hurricane...

2008-07-09 14:50:00

A new mathematical model indicates that dust devils, water spouts, tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones are all born of the same mechanism and will intensify as climate change warms the Earth's surface. The new equation, developed by University of Michigan atmospheric and planetary scientist Nilton Renno, could allow scientists to more accurately calculate the maximum expected intensity of a spiraling storm based on the depth of the troposphere and the temperature and humidity of the air in the...

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Desert greening
2013-04-25 16:10:03

Desert greening is made up of any number of methods used to revitalize deserts. So far, only arid and semi-arid desert are meant when using this expression. The icy deserts and other types are considered to be unsuitable. The different methods include landscaping methods to reduce evaporation, erosion, consolidation of topsoil, temperature, sandstorms and more, permaculture in general, planting trees, regeneration of salty, polluted, or degenerated soils, floodwater retention and...

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