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2014-07-03 12:28:19

SEATTLE, July 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sosnoski Software Associates Limited is please to announce the completion of enhancements to Apache(TM )CXF(TM) open source software as commissioned by the government of the Netherlands. These enhancements have fixed several errors in the Apache CXF implementation of Web Services Reliable Messaging (WSRM), brought it into compliance with the latest WSRM 1.2 version, and also corrected long-standing problems in how the Apache CXF...

2014-04-29 23:21:39

Harvard University’s Robert N. Stavins is publicly asking if the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) government approval process is broken, in articles on his blog and in the Huffington Post, after finding that the draft Summary for Policymakers was being extensively rewritten by government representatives for their own self-serving national interests related to global warming and climate change policies. This is a continuation of a recurring criticisms about IPCC processes,...

2014-02-04 23:30:59

Friends of Science have issued a new report “97% Consensus? No! Global Warming Math Myths and Social Proofs” revealing that only 1-3% of scientists in 3 of 4 "consensus" surveys explicitly agree with the IPCC extreme declaration on global warming. Scientific evidence at the joint NOAA/NASA press conference Jan. 21, 2014 shows no global warming in 16+ years despite a rise in carbon dioxide (CO2); as climate models continue to fail, the Dutch government calls for the IPCC...

Dutch Websites Hit With Iranian Hack
2011-09-05 09:17:10

  The Dutch government this weekend said it could not guarantee the security of its websites, and said it was investigating whether Iran may have been involved in hacking state websites after digital certificates were found to be stolen. The announcement affects millions of people who use the Netherlands government´s online services. The people rely on certificate authenticator DigiNotar to confirm the sites they are visiting are the correct sites. To date there have been no...

2011-06-23 11:48:00

S HERTOGENBOSCH, The Netherlands, June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- There's a call to action in today's New York Times. We want it to wake up the world and draw attention to the Dutch Government's horrendous cutbacks in the Arts sector. People need to be made aware of the far-reaching negative consequences that this will have on the international art sector, tourism, corporate life and the domestic economy. This advertisement was placed by Dutch Artists 2011. We are a...

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