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Campbells Russian Dwarf Hamster
2007-10-24 12:25:14

Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster (Phodopus campbelli), is a species of dwarf hamster discovered by W.C. Campbell in 1902 in Tuva. This hamster is also native to the steppes and semi-arid regions of Central Asia, the Altay Mountains, and the provinces of Heilungkiang and Hebei in China. This hamster is also sometimes called Djungarian or Dzungarian, or simply Russian, and is sometimes mistaken...

Chinese hamster
2006-12-13 15:46:05

The Chinese Hamster is a species of hamster, scientific names Cricetulus griseus, which originates in the deserts of northern China and Mongolia. These animals grow to between 2.95 to 3.54 in (7.5 and 9 cm) long and as adults can weigh 1.76 to 2.65 oz (50 to 75 g). They live two to three years on average. The Chinese hamster is often kept as a pet or as a laboratory animal. A Chinese...

European Hamster
2006-12-13 15:44:28

The European Hamster, Cricetus cricetus, also known as the black-bellied hamster, is a species of hamster native to Europe. It is typically found in low-lying farmland with soft loose soils. It may also inhabit meadows, gardens, or hedges. It is widely considered a farmland pest, and has also been trapped for its fur. The black-bellied hamster is found from the Belgium and Alsace in the west....

Roborovski hamster
2006-12-13 15:42:01

Roborovskis (Phodopus roborovski) are the smallest and fastest of all hamsters and are commonly kept as pets. Distinguishing characteristics of the Roborovskis are the white spots where their eyebrows would be, and the lack of a dorsal stripe commonly seen in dwarf hamsters. They live three and a half years of age. This is the longest of any domestic hamster. They are very curious, however...

Winter White Russian Dwarf hamster
2006-12-13 15:40:04

Winter White Russian hamsters are a species of hamster in the genus Phodopus. They are typically half the size of the better-known Syrian hamster, and therefore called dwarf hamsters along with all Phodopus species. Features include a typically dark gray dorsal stripe and furry feet. The tail is so short that it hardly shows when the hamster is sitting. As winter approaches and the days get...

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