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2009-04-30 13:50:23

Researchers have discovered a male spider in the Judean foothills of Israel with an evolutionarily effective yet sadistic sexual perversion. For most spiders, the mating ritual involves the male ejecting sperm into the female's vulva, where it is stored it in a pouch called the spermatheca. These receptacles give the female control of when her eggs will be fertilized, by moving sperm onto them before she lays. The spermatheca is a "last in, first out" structure which means that the last male...

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2009-05-02 21:54:11

The Woodlouse Spider (Dysdera crocata) is a species of arachnid with an international distribution. It is found under logs in warm places, and is often close to woodlice. It also can be found in houses. It spends the day in a silk cocoon and hunts at night without the use of a web. Its diet consists completely of woodlice. Despite the tough exoskeleton of the woodlouse, the spider is able to pierce the body easily with its large fang-like appendages. The female is 0.43 to 0.60 inches long...

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