Latest Early Christianity Stories

2012-02-29 04:05:09

The archaeological examination by robotic camera of an intact first century tomb in Jerusalem has revealed a set of limestone Jewish ossuaries or "bone boxes" that are engraved with a rare Greek inscription and a unique iconographic image that the scholars involved identify as distinctly Christian.

2011-12-13 23:05:29

When the story of Jesus known as The Gospel of Mark began to circulate as a written text in the ancient Mediterranean cities, it became engaged in a form of negotiation with the Roman imperial culture.

2010-06-23 06:07:41

Using new laser technology, art restoration experts and archaeologists have discovered what they believe are the oldest paintings of Jesus Christ’s apostles.

2008-09-09 03:00:08

By Scirghi, Thomas J A SOCIOLOGICAL HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN WORSHIP. By Martin D. Stringer. New York: Cambridge University, 2005. Pp. viii + 268. $75; $29.99. Martin Stringer lectures in sociology and anthropology of religion at the University of Birmingham.

2008-06-12 11:44:34

Archaeologists have unearthed a cave underneath one of the world’s oldest churches in Jordan, which they believe to have been used as a site for early Christian rituals.

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