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2009-05-10 18:29:15

Guitarist-songwriter Stephen Bruton, who worked with such stars as Bonnie Raitt and Kris Kristofferson, has died in Los Angeles of throat cancer. He was 60. Bruton died Saturday, Cameron Strang, president of New West Records said in a news release. Bruton had been receiving treatment and had recently completed work on the music for the film, Crazy Heart, Strang said. Kristofferson said he visited with Bruton, who had been battling cancer for 2 1/2 years, before the guitarist's death Saturday,...

2009-05-10 11:33:02

Guitarist Stephen Bruton, who played with musicians like Bonnie Raitt and Kris Kristofferson, has died in Los Angeles of throat cancer, Kristofferson says. Kristofferson said he visited with Bruton, who had been battling cancer for 2 1/2 years, before the guitarist's death Saturday at the age of 60, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. I feel fortunate that I was able to get back to L.A. last night and say farewell, Kristofferson said. He finally knew he was going, after fighting it so hard...

2007-04-26 06:00:15

By Gowdy, John Key words: Biodiversity, climate change, co-evolution, collapse, generalized Darwinism, Walrasian economics, well-being, world systems analysis SUMMARY The critical problems that scientists warned about decades ago are now upon us. There is a near universal consensus that global warming is human-caused and that its effects are now accelerating. Biodiversity loss and ecosystem disruption is now well-documented. The global connections between social disruption, resource use...

2007-01-07 03:00:16

By Roger Dobson It was the first and most extreme ecological disaster. Easter Island, in the south Pacific, once lush with subtropical broadleaf forest, was left barren and vast seabird colonies were destroyed after the arrival of man. But now there is new evidence that human beings may not have been responsible for the destruction after all. Although Easter Island has long been held to be the most important example of a traditional society destroying itself, it appears that the real...

2005-09-01 23:45:00

A researcher at Rochester Institute of Technology is unraveling a mystery surrounding Easter Island. William Basener, assistant professor of mathematics, has created the first mathematical formula to accurately model the island's monumental societal collapse. Between 1200 and 1500 A.D., the small, remote island, 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, was inhabited by over 10,000 people and had a relatively sophisticated and technologically advanced society. During this time, inhabitants used...

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2007-04-04 15:20:43

The Longfin African conger, Conger cinereus, is a conger of the family Congridae, found in the Indo-Pacific oceans from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Marquesas and Easter islands, north to southern Japan and the Ogasawara Islands, south to northern Australia and Lord Howe Island, at depths down to 262.46 ft (80 m). Length is up to 4.27 ft (1.3 m). The Longfin African conger has flanges on the upper and lower lips which are well developed, and two rows of teeth in each jaw, those of...

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