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Diadema setosum
2013-04-30 15:23:43

Diadema setosum is a species of sea urchin that can be found in Indo-Pacific waters. Its range extends from the Red Sea to coasts of Australia in the east, and from Japan in the north to the east coast of Africa in the south. There have been a few individuals found outside of this natural range, leading experts to believe that it was introduced by natural or manmade causes. Two individuals were...

Kina Evechinus chloroticu
2013-04-30 14:55:37

Evechinus chloroticu, commonly known as kina in the Māori language, is a sea urchin that can be found in New Zealand waters. It resides at depths between 39.3 and 45.9 feet in areas with moderate wave patterns. In northern waters of its range, it is typically found in rocky areas but can be found in sandy areas. In southern waters, it prefers to live in fjords. Evechinus chloroticu can...

Black Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum
2013-04-30 12:59:49

The black sea urchin (Diadema antillarum), also known as the lime sea urchin or the long-spined sea urchin, is a species that can be found in the Caribbean basin and the western waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It prefers to inhabit coral reefs in these areas and resides at depths of up to 32.8 feet. This species has a test, or outer shell, that is similar that of most species of sea urchin....

Green Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
2013-04-30 12:53:04

The green sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) is a species that can be found in northern waters in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It can be found at depths of up to 3,770 feet in burrows dug using its spiny body. First, it will dig down to a desired layer of sediment, and then widen a den. Sometimes it will leave openings that are large enough for it to leave the den and return,...

Exquisite Urchin Coelopleurus exquisitus
2013-04-30 12:07:10

The exquisite urchin (Coelopleurus exquisitus) is a species of sea urchin that can be found in the Pacific Ocean, only off the coast of New Caledonia. It prefers to reside in deep waters, at depths between 790 and 1,710 feet. It was first discovered in 2004, after marine biologist Dr. Simon Coppard was given information that a sea urchin was being sold on eBay. As a member of the International...

Chilean Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus
2013-01-28 14:52:23

Image Caption: Chilean Sea Urchin, Loxechinus albus. Credit: Dentren/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) The Chilean sea urchin (Loxechinus albus) is a species that can be found along the coastlines of Chile and Peru. It is typically found in shallow waters at or below the tide level, buried in sand or lying just on top of it. This species is often associated with Macrocystis pyrifera, a type of kelp....

Diadema Urchin Echinothrix diadema
2012-04-19 11:06:42

The Diadema Urchin (Echinothrix diadema), is a species of long spined sea urchin found in the Indo-Pacific oceanic region. It prefers dark reef. It is active at night, and hides in crevices or under rocks during the day. This urchin grows to a diameter of about 3.15 inches and is generally black in color and always dark. The spines are banded and closed at the tip. The anal sac is spotted...

Double-Spined Urchin Echinothrix calamaris
2012-04-19 08:43:44

The Double-spined Urchin (Echinothrix calamaris), also known as the Banded Sea Urchin, is a species of sea sloth found in the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is usually found on back reefs, hiding in crevices or under rocks. The test (shell) is about 2 inches in diameter. It has two sets of spines, shorter closed spines which are dark in color and can deliver a nasty sting, and longer open...

Black Sea Urchin Arbacia lixula
2012-04-19 08:29:45

The Black Sea Urchin (Arbacia lixula), is a species of sea urchin found in the Mediterranean Sea and around the Macaronesian Islands (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands). Although less commonly, it is also found on the Atlantic coast of Western Africa and the Brazilian coast. This urchin is typically found in shallow waters between just below sea level to about 100 feet deep. It attaches itself...

Antarctic Sea Urchin Sterechinus Neumayeri
2012-04-17 11:36:15

The Antarctic Sea Urchin (Sterechinus neumayeri), is a species of sea urchin in the family Echinidae. It is found in the Antarctic Ocean living on the seafloor. It is common around the circumpolar waters, including the Balleny Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Terra Nova Bay, and Victoria Land. It is found at depths of about 820 feet. The colors of this species range...

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