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2011-02-01 10:38:00

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Economic Policy Institute today published The State of Working America, a website that provides academics, policymakers, the media and the public with comprehensive data on the economic condition of working Americans.

2010-10-22 18:56:58

When the gap between the haves and have-nots gets larger, one would think the have-nots would want more help, most likely in the form of government programs, to fight rising inequities.

2010-10-06 23:20:43

Despite the popular, state-sponsored ideology that denies the existence of prejudice based on racial or skin color differences in Mexico.

2010-04-29 09:30:05

Compared to their neighbors south of the border, Canadians live longer, healthier lives.

2010-03-24 13:21:42

An analysis of nearly 25 years of data for about 10,000 civil servants in London finds an association between socioeconomic position and risk of death, with much of this relation accounted for by health behaviors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, diet and physical activity, according to a study in the March 24/31 issue of JAMA.

2010-02-11 14:19:55

Politicians from all parties must renew their commitment to tackling health inequalities if we are to create a fairer society, say researchers on bmj.com today.

2010-01-26 14:04:33

People with lower socioeconomic status and those belonging to ethnic minority groups receive worse health care in the treatment of diabetes than the rest of patients in the world's most developed countries.

2009-12-29 09:00:00

EVANSTON, Ill., Dec.

2009-11-20 11:51:48

Barack Obama promised to halve poverty within ten years. His Republican opponent, John McCain, vowed to “make the eradication of poverty a top priority of the McCain Administration.” Even in the current economic situation, in developed countries, this kind of rhetoric about cutting “poverty” is misleadingly outmoded—because it implicitly suggests that government income transfers can be the vehicle for achieving substantial reductions in poverty.

2009-10-30 11:15:36

A new study reveals the important role inherited wealth plays in sustaining economic inequality in small scale societies.

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